Wedding countdown – 11 days

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Last week I had the joy of throwing Princess a surprise personal shower. It was a unique shower in that I invited my closest friends. They all know Princess well but instead of a personal shower with a bunch of women Princess’s age it was a bunch of women ages mid 20’s to mid 50’s!

When she told me that she had only gotten one nightie at her bachelorette party I decided that I couldn’t allow her to go on her honeymoon without a wide variety of nighties to choose from. Maybe even one for each night. But I also thought it would be amazing to have my friends come over, all of them who love Jesus and love and cherish their husbands dearly, and share some insight with Princess on the joys (and sometimes not joys) of marriage and intimacy.

The plan was for her and I to go out for coffee and dessert. We were going to go at 7:00 pm and so I had told all my friends to come at 6:30 pm. Unfortunately Princess showed up early so it wasn’t quite the surprise I had hoped for. But she was still surprised when people started showing up. We spent the first 30 minutes or so just visiting and eating our dessert of chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate cake and vanilla bean cakes (the cakes being purchased at the grocery store-I’m so not that ambitious). I was doing my best to stall because one of my best friends and a close friend of Princess was on her way from where she lives 4 hours away. Princess didn’t know she was coming and so it was so amazing to have her come in and surprise everyone!

Once everyone arrived and we finished our dessert we played the game “pass the teddy”. Everyone sat in a circle and passed around a wrapped nightgown. I read a story about Princess and Prankster and every time I said “and” they had to pass it the other direction. It was so funny watching them throwing this cute little bag around the room, trying their best to make sure Princess ended up with it.

Because whoever ended up with it had to model it for the rest of the group!

And Princess did end up with it. I took her in the bathroom and told her to just put a robe on over her clothes and come out and pretend to have it on. She did a good job and then opened her robe to reveal her shorts and t-shirt! It was so funny. And then she got to open the gift and see her first nightie of the night. She opened the rest of her gifts then. It was great because she got such a wide variety of different styles and colors.

This entire time we were laughing and talking about marriage and enjoying our time together. I think Princess was horrified. At one point we all confessed that our husbands helped pick out the gifts and then she was really horrified to think that all these men that she knows have seen her new nightgowns. Poor thing. We all got a good laugh though!

It seemed that the party was wrapping up when I said, “well I thought we could share some s*x tips.” I was half-joking but at the same time I thought it would be fun (and interesting) to do this. Thankfully my friends are amazing and jumped right in with what they have learned and with what God is teaching them.

Sorry, you don’t get details about that. But I will say that it was God ordained the women that were there. As I said they ranged in age from mid-20’s to mid-50’s. Women that have been married between 2 and 30 years. Godly women. Women that love, honor and respect their husbands and most importantly women that love Jesus. We openly talked about intimate things that are experienced in marriage and that women experience. We laughed. We cried. We laughed more.

The wisdom that was shared was amazing. I know that we all learned something and were encouraged. Encouraged to love our husbands. Encouraged to respect and honor them. Encouraged to believe that s*x can be enjoyed by both the husband and wife and that it’s an act of worship and a beautiful thing created by God.  (If you doubt this read the book Intended for Pleasure).   The biggest blessing of all was to laugh with good friends and to know that we’re not walking this road alone.

3 thoughts on “Wedding countdown – 11 days

    Teri said:
    June 2, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    Princess is so blessed to have you in her life!!! 🙂

    sincerelyanna said:
    June 2, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    What a fun night! I had this kind of support when I was getting married, too, and I believe it helped our marriage begin on a good foundation of intimacy. Learning wisdom from solid Christian women who love and respect their husbands (but are far from perfect) with a great sense of humor is such a blessing. So excited for Princess and her upcoming marriage!

    Liz Avila said:
    June 2, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    Missy, You should note that I was the only unmarried besides Holly at the partiy! So I was did not have much wisdom to give however was very blessed to be able to walk away with the wisdom given and NOW want to get married. So start prayin! Love and hugs to you.

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