A long overdue weekend wrap up

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This is actually the wrap up from Memorial Day weekend but there was just so much awesome stuff that happened that I had to still share.

We normally go to my parents on Memorial Day weekend and this year it was especially special because my brother Jim and his wife Leana were renewing their wedding vows. Leana is from South Africa and her family is here visiting.

We left for my parent’s early Saturday morning so we arrived by 10 am, just in time for brunch with the whole family! It was so fun to meet and spend time with Leana’s family. Saturday was a very hot day and so after naps Pat, the kids and I went to my parent’s boat to do some fishing. Everyone else had to work Saturday night but that was ok because we enjoyed our time watching the kiddos fish.

 Angel is so funny because she is such a girly girl. She loves to wear pretty dresses (and twirl), get her toenails painted and fix her hair. But she’s also such a tomboy. She’s an adventure junky – yes our 2 year old. She loves to tube, bike, play with rocks, fish, ride horse and anything else that is exciting. And when it was time to fish on Saturday it was serious business.

She had no problem helping daddy put the minnows on the hook:

And then we enjoyed two minutes of fishing before Angel got her first catch!

The 2nd catch of the day. A baby Perch we had to throw back but not before Angel and Caleb said their hellos and goodbyes.

Angel and Caleb had enough fishing just in time for us to head back to my parent’s house before getting rained on. We spent the evening making food for after church the next morning as we were going to celebrate Jim and Leana renewing their vows and Leana’s parents being in the states.

Sunday after church and naps we took the kids to see Gracie. And Buck.

Oh ya, my dad bought another horse.  He didn’t bother telling anyone (except my mom of course) but on Saturday night during the storm he said, “I need to go make sure the horses are ok.” Pat and I looked at him and said, “Horses?” Not sure why he didn’t tell us. Maybe because we would have said, “WE LOVE YOU DAD BUT ARE YOU CRAZY?”

So anyway we went to see Gracie and Buck. My dad is still working on breaking both of them but they are pretty tame. Gracie actually follows dad around like a little puppy. Even without a harness or rope. She’s such a gentle little thing. Buck on the other hand has a jealousy issue.

Here he is with my mom. Isn’t he beautiful?

Angel and Pat feeding Gracie carrots. This was Pat’s first time to meet Gracie so that was fun.

And here we go. Angel was riding Gracie and my mom walked Buck down to where Gracie was. We’re thinking he got jealous that my dad was leading Gracie and threw a little fit. Thankfully everyone acted quickly, Pat grabbed Angel and my dad grabbed Buck.  It was pretty scary though.

But wild horses couldn’t wipe the smile off this little girl’s face!

The horses chilled out and we enjoyed a little more time with them before heading back to the house to get ready for the vow renewal ceremony. It was just Leana’s family and our family and the Pastor and his family. 

Here we all are – minus my brother Tracy and one of Leana’s brothers.

We had the babies pose with Jim and Leana and they sat so nice. (Sorry, Jim I don’t know what that is on the picture across your face).

Don’t be deceived by Caleb’s angelic face though. He tore around the church the entire ceremony. Afterwards he was running and jumping in front of the church but as soon as I tried to get a picture he got all angelic again:

Following the ceremony we all went to my parent’s boat for a little reception and boat ride.  We enjoyed an amazing meal of bruschetta, shrimp salsa, kabobs with chicken, sausage and steak, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, and stuffed mushrooms. And then for dessert we had the most wonderful cheesecake I have enter tasted, key lime pie and chocolate covered strawberries.

I think Angel ate 5 of those all by herself.

It was a beautiful night and so much fun spending time together.

Jim and Leana – “King of the World!”

Caleb driving the boat.

Angel with Aunt Nellie and Charlie.

Me and my babies.

Me and my honey.

My honey being naughty.

The group after we had left – my sister Danelle, Leana’s mom, dad and brothers, Leana, Jim and my parents.

Unfortunately after the boat ride we had to head home. By the time we got out of town it was 9:30 pm and we had a two hour drive. The kids were asleep within minutes but for some reason Caleb woke up with 40 miles to go and cried the rest of the way. He didn’t want anything (other than his bed I’m guessing). Poor Angel just covered her head with her blanket and tried to block out his screams. Our bed never felt so good and while it was not the best drive home it was certainly nice to be home in our own beds.

It was also nice having an entire day home on Monday. We spent Monday cleaning. mowing the lawn and sorting through stuff for the garage sale that was held this weekend. Angel found some treasures of her own:

Another highlight of our weekend was picking our first crop of strawberries. Ok, crop is stretching it a little but we were so excited about our 5 strawberries!

It was a jam packed weekend but one filled with family and many memories made.



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    MOM said:
    June 7, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    great blog! great pictures! funny stories! Love you!!!!

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