Wedding countdown – 2 days

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Princess’s status on Facebook this morning: 2 days. I think I’m still breathing.

My status on Facebook this morning: I want my mommy.

The interesting thing about it being 2 days before the wedding is that “2 days” is a little deceiving. When one says “2 days” one might think you actually have 2 days to get stuff done. But what one doesn’t realize is that Friday is completely jam packed with stuff already, as is Saturday, the day of the wedding. So in reality one actually has zero days left until the wedding.

One wants her mommy!

Princess has the most amazing attitude though. She’s not freaking out one bit. She said she had a little meltdown this morning but nothing too severe. I came close to having a complete breakdown late this afternoon. Everyone was crabby, I had a list a mile long of things to do and the kids were so clingy today. Thankfully Grandma Barb came to the rescue and the kids went over to her house for a few hours this evening. It was exactly what we needed to get through a good portion of our list.

What exactly was the list? Oh, I thought you’d never ask.

Cleaning is a big portion of the list and so we spent most of the morning cleaning and getting things ready for our company to come beginning tomorrow.  Pat worked on painting the wagon that Angel and Prankster’s sister are going to pull Caleb in.  Unfortunately it rained all day today which meant the kids were stuck inside which meant that we would clean and they would destroy and then we would clean and they would destroy.   It was this viscous cycle that led to the almost breakdown.

After lunch we had the wonderful surprise of Princess and one of her best friends Megan coming over. Princess and I had pedicures scheduled for 2:00 but they decided to come a little early. Pat had finished the slide show for the wedding and so we watched that and got Princess’s approval and then we had a great time just visiting about how things were going, what needed to still get done, and how Princess was feeling.  The kids went down for naps at 1:30 and Princess and I headed out for a little pampering.

We got pedicures and paraffin wax on our hands. It was heavenly and exactly what we needed to help us get recharged. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures because the batteries died on my camera.  But thankfully Princess had her camera so I’ll eventually get to show you pictures of our date!

After pedis we met Pat and the kids at the tux place to pick up Pat’s tux. And then we went to the grocery store to get a few last minute things. We are taking care of the lunch for tomorrow for everyone helping with set up. For some reason I decided to make a bunch of different appetizers – this is what my mom had done for my brother and sister-in-law last weekend when we celebrated their vow renewal.  I’m not sure what I was thinking because it’s alot of work. And we’re not sure how many people will be there so we have to make sure there’s enough. But thankfully my hubby is amazing and has helped alot and I even convinced my brother to come over tonight to help.  When the kids when to Grandma’s at 7 pm we were able to get alot done alot quicker.

So that’s what we did for most of tonight. Worked on the food for tomorrow. Tried to clean a little bit. We had to make another run to the store and then we went and picked up the kids around 9:30 pm.

The wedding party is having a little party tonight. Princess wasn’t sure what they were doing – they wouldn’t tell – only that she was supposed to meet up with them at 4:15 pm at a certain location. It will be interesting to hear what they did.

One bummer today was Princess’s mom’s basement flooded. Thankfully it’s not completely finish and it was only 1-2 inches but still, what a pain. And it probably couldn’t happen at the worst time. So Princess’s mom and step-dad had to deal with that all day today.

I’ve been so impressed with Princess and her planning of her wedding. I knew she rocked at planning and organizing but today I was telling her how seamless everything has been. There’s hardly any rushing or stressing. The biggest stress is just the emotions that we’re experiencing. Losing our baby girl. Wanting everything to be perfect for her special day.  Losing our baby girl.  Did I mention that?  Well, I think it’s time to go to bed. And maybe just have myself a little breakdown.


One thought on “Wedding countdown – 2 days

    Sarah said:
    June 10, 2010 at 10:09 pm

    Blessings to all of you – I’ll be thinking of you all this weekend.

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