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Today I drove the Jeep to work in the rain. Without a complete top on it. As the rain dripped in on me I was feeling sorry for myself until I saw a momma and her baby walking leisurely in the rain. I was reminded that I’m a complete idiot and selfish and spoiled and enjoyed the rest of the ride to work.

Today I made a new recipe. Caribbean jerk pork shoulder in the crock pot. I made a corn salsa. We had it with tortillas.  And a side dish of watermelon. It was yummy and made me feel healthy.

Today I made the cookie crust for fruit pizza. After it was cooked I realized I didn’t have cream cheese. I don’t know what plan b is yet so I have a large cookie pizza sitting on my counter. I believe that’s called temptation.

Today I called my doctor to get additional information about my test results from last week. My gall bladder tests came back abnormal and I was referred to a surgeon who called on Friday and scheduled an appointment for July 8th. But that’s all I know. And unfortunately I didn’t get a call back today.

Today I ate a salad for lunch. I’m determined to eat healthier and perhaps that will help with me feel better. I did good today. Blueberry, peach and yogurt smoothie for breakfast, red and green peppers for morning snack, salad for lunch (homemade with tons of veggies and only a Tbls of dressing), 10 M-M’s for dessert and string cheese for afternoon snack. Ok I’ll be honest. I had a brownie for snack tonight and totally ruined my healthy day.  I’m an idiot a wimp determined to do better tomorrow.

Today my kids attempted to save me from spiders:

Today while I cleaned up Pat sat the kids down on the floor in the kitchen and read a devotion. While it wasn’t quite age appropriate for a 1 year old and 2 year old (we learned about 7 stumbling blocks to our Christian walk) it was so awesome to see them chewing on their snack and watching daddy read to them. 

Today we prayed for Lael’s family.


2 thoughts on “Today

    MOM said:
    June 22, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    Missy, I LOVE the spider video!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!! So what’s the verdict? Was there a spider or not?

      Missy said:
      June 22, 2010 at 8:45 pm

      There was a spider! Unfortunately when we started looking we found many spiders. I think I need to clean!

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