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1. It’s official. I love summer. Tonight we grilled out, took a Jeep ride (without the top on), got ice cream and played at the park. So awesome.

2. Tomorrow night our kiddos are heading off to Camp Hellman for a couple of days. Which may also be my parent’s house. My sister is off work Tuesday and Wednesday and my mom is off Wednesday and Thursday and so they convinced us to let the kiddos come for a visit.  While I’m already worrying about them I’m looking forward to some alone time with the Hubby.

3. Tonight at supper Pat said to Angel, “Do you want to go to Camp Hellman?” She looked at him and looked me and looked at him again. And then she said, “When would that be?” We burst out laughing and Pat says, “How old are you anyway?” Angel replied, “Two.”

4. I remember fondly spending time during the summer at my Grandma’s house and my Aunt’s house. If I didn’t have those memories I think it would be alot more difficult for me to send the kiddos off. I’m so thankful for the memories we are making with our families.

5. We did some major potty training on Sunday. Angel did really good. We made a poster and as of tonight she’s gotten 10 stickers! She’s also had quite a few accidents but that’s ok, we’re making much better progress than we ever have.

6. Remember this duck? He is now “Super Potty Duck”. He does an awesome potty dance and tells Angel that she’s a big girl and a rock star and that only babies wear diapers and that he wishes she could go potty on the potty chair like he does.  And then she looks at me like I’ve lost my mind.  I have no idea why.

7. Speaking of rock stars, my garden is a rock star. If a garden could be a rock star. We have tomatoes (regular, cherry and Roma), peppers (jalapeno and bell), onions, carrots, little baby watermelon and little baby cucumbers. We’ll have little baby peas in no time. My beans were mostly eaten by rabbits so I will only have one or two plants of that.

8. Poor Caleb is already an itchy mess. One of his hands broke out really bad yesterday. And Saturday night was the last night he can take his allergy medicine because he’ll be getting tested on July 6th.

9. Caleb’s recently started not wanting to go to bed. He’s always been a great sleeper and lover of bedtime. But I think he’s finally realized that Angel doesn’t have to go to bed when he does and he’s not down with that.

10. I finally talked to the Doctor and my tests results showed I have a sluggish gall bladder. (Along with the rest of me.) At this point I don’t think I’ll have surgery. I’m going to meet with the surgeon on July 8th just to see what he says. But I’m beginning to think that my not feeling good after I eat could possibly be a lactose intolerance. I seem to be just fine if I don’t have any dairy. I’m going to start journaling what I eat so I can see what a pig I am know for sure if there’s any correlation.

11. Tomorrow is my son-in-law’s birthday.

12. I have a son-in-law (who, along with Princess, we get to see this weekend-Lord willing)!


One thought on “This and that

    jen said:
    June 29, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    Is it TMI to tell you that three of us in this household are lactose intolerant? If so, just forget I said anything; if not, and you figure out that that is your problem, I can give you some hints to make life a little easier for you! 🙂

    Number 3 – awesome story!

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