A little bit more about my naughty kids

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I’m a naughty mommy for not doing a good job of doing updates on my kiddos.  Caleb is almost 19 months and Angel is 2 years, 8 months.

~We found out last week that Caleb is allergic to egg whites.  He’s continued to have skin problems with really severe flare ups and so we finally got him tested. The doctor wasn’t surprised at all but for some reason we were. I guess maybe because it seems like he doesn’t hardly eat egg. He doesn’t like just plain egg but we’ve realized that it’s in alot of other stuff.  There has been a little improvement in his skin since we’ve cut out egg 100%.

~Angel is very close to being completely potty trained. I KNOW! How this happened I’m not sure. Two weeks ago I finally just decided that she was going to wear underwear and we’d have to deal with the mess. We also got stickers as a reward and she really loved this.  She has very few potty messes but she continues to struggle with going poopy in the toilet. She can’t seem to tell before she goes. So we’re continuing to work on that. But we’re so proud of her, she’s doing an awesome job.

~Lately we’ve started a new phase (hopefully it’s a phase) of them not wanting to go to sleep. This is very different from what Caleb has ever done. Usually he goes right to sleep. I think he wants to sleep in our bed and so he makes a pretty big fuss. We’re trying to get in the habit of reading a devotion, praying together and then we let them read in their bed for 5-10 minutes and then bedtime.  But for the past week at least one of us has had to sit in their room until Caleb falls asleep.

~Angel loves to swim. She loves to go under and stick her whole face in the water. It scares this mama to death. Caleb on the other hand is a big chicken when it comes to swimming. Although last night we went to the pool and he finally got in and actually went under a few times by accident but didn’t freak out or anything. So that was really fun to finally get both of them to play in the water.

~Angel continues to excel in her vocabulary and enunciation. She usually has a word of the day. I’m not sure how she comes up with the word but she likes to say it over and over and she thinks it’s hilarious. And it’s usually a pretty big word or an unusual word.  I feel bad for her because we often forget that she’s only 2 because she can carry on pretty much any conversation with us.  When she whines or cries like a 2 year old we’re often impatient with her and think she shouldn’t act like that. But then we have to remind ourself she’s only 2!

~Angel says it best: “Caleb doesn’t talk.”  That’s pretty much right. He’s definitely saying more words. Words he says are: cracker, mama, dada, boat, papa, doggy, ball, and thank you (I know I’m forgetting some). Pat claims he’s said love you a few times but I’m not so sure about that. He still mostly shakes his head yes and no or grunts.  I’m pretty sure he’s just being stubborn because he knows exactly what we’re saying. He just doesn’t feel like talking.  It’s so funny to hear Angel trying to teach him how to talk. The other night at the park we saw a bird and Caleb growled (which he does for most animals). Angel said, “No, Caleb that’s a bird. Can you say bird?” Caleb is silent. Angel says, “Caleb the bird says tweet tweet. Can you say tweet tweet?” Caleb moves his mouth but doesn’t say anything.

~For the most part they play really well together. Most often that play leads to fighting but that’s all a part of having a sibling. It’s so fun to see them play together because Caleb just adores Angel. He’s got this awesome big belly laugh and he laughs at every thing she does. And then he tackles her.

~Caleb’s a very weird child.  He’s still very rough and tumble, loves to wrestle and recently realized his love for baseball and soccer or any sport that uses a ball. He’s got a pretty mean pitch.  But then the very next minute he’s crying because the dog barely licked him. Or we’re outside and Angel splashes him with a tiny bit of water.

~Angel continues to have an awesome appetite and she doesn’t seem to gain a pound. Caleb on the other hand hardly eats anything and he is a moose. Not sure how that all works. Angel still likes pretty much anything. The only things she won’t eat are onions and peppers – and even the peppers we can convince her to try sometimes. Seriously she will eat anything else. And it seems like we’ve tried it all. Caleb is getting better. He’ll finally eat veggies – he likes cucumbers, celery, peppers and carrots – we like to dip them in blue cheese dressing. Angel will try anything but not Caleb. If he doesn’t know what it is, he refuses to try it.  Some of their favorite foods are: noodles, watermelon, cantalope, cucumbers, lunchmeat, cheese, chips and salsa or chips and guacamole (oh yes! we’ve recently started eating this alot for snacks and they love it), cottage cheese, donuts (a special treat for breakfast we usually have on Saturday mornings), ice cream, apples, and their favorite and most requested (and most denied) snack – fruit snacks.

~Angel likes to watch movies and tv. This isn’t always so good because she can remember everything she hears. Caleb, once again, is complete opposite. He’ll watch tv for a little bit but after a few minutes he’ s off to find something more interesting. This makes supper time very difficult. Caleb has no interest in Dora. Lately I’ve started sitting them at the counter and preparing as much as I can at the counter so they can “help” me.

~I would love to say that Angel’s meltdowns are decreasing but I’m not sure. Some days it seems like they are better. Other days, like today, they are worse. Tonight she had a really bad one. I almost thought she was having a seizure because it looked like she couldn’t control herself or her body movements. She was very tired and hungry. She had fallen asleep before supper and so we had to wake her up and I don’t think she was quite ready for it.

~Angel is so ready for school. She’ll be starting the pre-3 class this fall, every Friday morning from 9:00-11:30 am. We work on flashcards as often as we can. She recognizes her numbers up to 10 and she can say her numbers in spanish up to 5. We’re still working on her letters. She can say the alphabet just fine and she can identify some letters but only a few. We have an alphabet puzzle that she likes to do and we need to work more with that.

~Angel wears 2t-3t in pants/shorts and 3t-4t in shirts. Caleb wears 18 mo-2t in everything.  They are both in size 7 shoes. 

~Well that’s all I’ve got right now. And I’ll have to load pictures later. I really want to go to bed. I can’t find any right now.  Have a good night.


One thought on “A little bit more about my naughty kids

    danelle said:
    July 15, 2010 at 11:48 pm

    hi sister. fyi. i read a book with gus the other nite that was a letter alphabet book and she knew all the letters but five…..that little one is smarter than we all think!!

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