The one where we let the children hurt themselves

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1. A little while ago Caleb was jumping off our big squishy red chair onto the hard floor of our basement. And loving it.

He then folded his hands into a prayer, looked at us, laughed and dove.

And we’re letting him do this. It’s just the kind of parents we are.

2. Pat was watching Wipe Out and the kids stopped their playing and watched attentively. It’s no wonder Caleb’s favorite past time is wrestling and launching himself off furniture.

3. It’s been an overwhelming week. On Monday Pat hurt his back lifting Angel. For the past three years or so anytime he hurts his back or gets a cold and feels like he can’t breathe he has an anxiety attack. He’s very claustrophobic and feeling like he can’t breathe makes it worse and triggers these attacks.

Like I said it’s been happening for about three years, about once every 1-2 months. Monday though it was pretty severe. He went to acute care on Monday night and unfortunately saw a doctor who was more concerned that Pat was going to sue him or that Pat had a drug problem. 

Thankfully we got into our normal doctor on Tuesday and was able to talk to someone we trust and get some drugs to help calm him down. Unfortunately his back was still really bothering so for the past 3 days it’s been up and down as Pat has tried to battle through the feeling of not breathing and triggering into an anxiety attack. Having a last resort medication has been a big help but it’s not all good because it completely knocks him out. That’s better than the alternative though.

4. It’s been interesting dealing with all the feelings of “why can’t we just pray through this?” As a Christian that’s the first thing I’ve thought of and I feel guilty or like I’m failing the Lord or not relying on Him to get us through this. I know that God has given us doctors and that sometimes medication is needed but at the same time it’s difficult to keep all those feelings in check.

5. I’m not sure if Angel has been able to understand everything the past 4 days but she’s went way backward on potty training. She was doing so amazing, hardly having any accidents. And now the past 2-3 days she’s hardly went in the potty chair at all.  I know that takes time too so we are trying to be patient.

6. The new season of Project Runway just started! starts in 2 minutes. Isn’t that exciting?  Hello?

7. Tonight at supper Angel told my brother Tracy that daddy found her and Caleb a frog yesterday. We were talking about how Angel let the frog go to find his mommy and daddy.

Tracy to Angel: No, I think the frog is in here (referring to his chili).

Angel: What?

Tracy: The frog got cut up and it’s in here. I’m eating it. (I know, harsh).

Angel: What?

Tracy: The frog is in my chili.

Angel: Noooo, it’s not.

Tracy: Yes it is.

Angel: NO. It’s not.

Tracy: Are you sure?


Angel: No.

8. Have you been following us through our training? Well even though this isn’t our training blog I feel compelled to share that I ran almost a mile on Tuesday night. Pushing the monster babies in their old creaky stroller.

And then yesterday I couldn’t walk so I didn’t so a thing.

9. In addition to launching himself off our furniture Caleb enjoys hitting, throwing hard toys (at people), saying “GO” and pointing, slamming himself against the wall when he gets mad, dumping cups on the floor and spitting food out of his mouth.  Last night this mama had had enough and made him pick up every single piece of food he had thrown on the floor (22) and put it in the garbage.  

Yes twenty two pieces of food.  No, I was not painting my toenails while he threw food. He would throw a handful and then go to timeout and we would repeat that process 4 times. Obviously timeout has no effect on him.  But since giving him one of Pat’s relaxation pills isn’t an option I’m not sure what else to do.

It’s at this point that I would love for someone to tell me that their 19 month old is a worse terror than my 19 month old.  Hello?

10. Ok, well that’s my cue that it’s time to close up shop and spend some time with my hubs who is thankfully feeling much better.


3 thoughts on “The one where we let the children hurt themselves

    sincerelyanna said:
    July 31, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    Oh my goodness, Missy. I will lift up Pat in my prayers. I’ve dealt with my share of anxiety attacks (or something close to it) when I scratch my cornea, so I understand how mind over body just doesn’t work…and meds are necessary at those times to relax and heal. I also understand where you were coming from about prayer.

    On a lighter note, I clicked over to your training blog and want to say great job for all the Shredding you’ve done. Woohoo!

    learningpatience said:
    August 28, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    Missy, for what its worth, I had one kiddo who used to throw food. We just started taking her food away and making her wait to eat until the next snack or meal. It was SO hard for me, but it was VERY effective. I think she only did it once after that. I was sweet as pie and just with a smile and a sweet voice said, “OH, that’s so sad, you threw the food . . . so now I have to set it over here.” And I’d set it on the counter away from where we were eating.

    I would not do this with a child who had food issues or didn’t eat well . . . but there’s just a little idea for you.

      Missy said:
      August 29, 2010 at 9:31 pm

      Thanks, appreciate any tips we can get. We did this today and he was not happy. But he did much better at supper time. We’ll see if he keeps it up. He’s a pretty stubborn little guy. 🙂

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