Angel talk

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A few things Angel has said lately:


In the car the other night:

Mom, I love your pretty lips.


After Caleb got his haircut:

Now it’s my turn!

A little bit later:

Mama, where’d Caleb’s hair go?


Normally Angel is very talkative and always willing to share her thoughts. But the other night we were trying to get her to tell Princess and Prankster what she learned at VBS:

Me: Angel, what did you learn at Vacation Bible School?

Angel: Poopy.

Me: Angel, be serious. What did you learn?

Angel: Poopy.



My sister will often paint Angel’s toenails when she comes to visit. After the polish had started to peel off Angel said:

Where’d my toes go?


Angel singing after VBS:

I clap DNA, I’m wonderful and furfurly made. (repeat 100 times)

(Actual lyrics: I’ve got DNA, I’m wonderfully and fearfully made.)


Me: Do you know I love you?

Angel: I know. I love you too.



One thought on “Angel talk

    Teri said:
    August 12, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    What a doll – she is just precious, Missy!

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