There’s suppose to be magic happening somewhere

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(If you haven’t been keeping up with our training blog this post might not make complete sense.)

Tonight I did level 3 of the 30 Day Shred. Man, that hurt. Bad. At on point Jillian said, “There’s magic happening!” or something like that and I wanted to reach through the screen and ring her neck. But then I realized I was doing real sit ups and I guess she was right. When did that happen?  A little bit later I was getting the kids ready for bed and Angel said, “Where’s Jillan?” 

Weight update: Me – 144 (lost 10 pounds!), Pat-196 (lost 14 pounds!)

Let’s talk about food. Healthy food. We have been pleasently surprised at how not expensive it has been to eat healthy. A few reasons that I can think of:

1. Not eating out as much.  We still go out about once a week. But even when we do go out we don’t eat as much so that of course saves money.

2. Not buying tons of junk food that just go to waste. There are very few packaged snacks that we buy anymore. We’re still buying a few but not many and much less than we used to. Most of our snacks are fruit, veggies, meat or cheese.

We also tend to eat the same thing over and over. So far it hasn’t gotten too boring or anything. For breakfast we eat toast with jelly or a Special K Bar or Special K cereal or eggs. Always measured out of course so we know how many calories we’re eating!

Lately for lunch I’ve been eating chicken breast, avacado and green pepper. I love it. Avacado is my new favorite. One day we grilled up some chicken breast and I ate those leftovers but then today I just ate the chicken breast you can get in a can. That was good too.

For supper we’re eating alot of veggies and having more salads. But we’re mixing it up a bit. One night we had bought thin steak and had that with our salad. And this week I want to make a salad with buffalo chicken.  We’re also making the same old food we’ve always made but just cutting back our portions.

And of course we’ve almost completely cut out soda. I wish I’d kept track how much we were buying – both in 12 packs and in individual 20 ounces like at work. I bet we’re saving a ton of money, not to mention not wasting all those calories on soda!  Our drink of choice lately is good ol’ water!

In our experience it hasn’t been more expensive to eat healthy – we’re actually saving money. Saving money, losing weight, feeling better… there is some magic happening!

(Since I have yet to convince my darling Hubby that it’s fun to blog about our progress I might just start blogging about our training on this blog. Stay tuned I guess!).


One thought on “There’s suppose to be magic happening somewhere

    sincerelyanna said:
    August 26, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    SO excited you are seeing these awesome results! I’m enjoying keeping up with how you guys are doing. I can relate to so much of what you wrote…especially your sentiment about Jillian’s “magic” words. 🙂

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