Angel’s day

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Friday, August 27th was Angel’s special day. It was the day, two years ago, that her adoption was official. So every year Pat and I take the day off and we celebrate!

We began our day by having breakfast of course. For some reason Angel asked if Caleb could sit next to her.

After breakfast it was time to wake up Daddy. But not before Dr Elmo paid a little visit and made sure Daddy was feeling ok.

Then we hit the garage sales. We found some great buys on clothes for the kids. And we let Angel buy a special toy. A new Dora doll with a whole bag fill of clothes and shoes! 

Then it was on to the zoo. My mom bought us a membership to the zoo this year and we’ve been there at least 6 times. It’s was a great gift for us and our two little monkeys who love all the animals!

Riding the train. A special treat, usually we make them walk.

Patrick making a new friend.

Me and Angel on the carousel. Angel loves the carousel. But again it was a special treat because unless Grandma’s in town we don’t get to ride it!

Daddy and Caleb. Poor Caleb gets a little motion sick like his mama. The whole time he looks like he’s going to throw up.

Caleb feeding the goats.

Angel feeding the goats.

After the zoo we were going to go out to eat but the kids were wiped out. So we went home and Caleb immediately fell asleep. Angel had other plans which involved a new Dora doll.

Angel giving Dora a snack.

Angel and her new best bud.

After awhile I told Dora to go home and told Angel it was time for a nap. We laid down on the couch but I guess it was just too much excitement for one day because Angel had no intention of sleeping.

Around 3:30 we packed up the kids again and went to Scheels, which is a sporting goods and hunting store. Before we got a zoo membership this was what we used as our zoo. They have an entire floor of stuffed wild animals and the kids love it. 

After a few other errands it was time for supper. We wanted to go someplace a little special and we chose Johnny Carino’s. Pat’s mom was able to come along with us and we got there a little early so we beat the Friday night rush.

Of course we splurged, since it was a special day after all, and got dessert. The kids got their own hot fudge sundae and Pat and I shared an outrageiously enormous chocolate cake and ice cream that was to die for. It also totally hosed us on our calories for the day. But it was a special day, right?

Angel enjoying her dessert. Not sure what’s with the funny face!

Pat, Angel and Grandma Barb.

Me and Caleb.

Angel’s special day ended by coming home, taking baths, having some play time and going to bed. It was a long day but a great one with many memories made!

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