Month: September 2010

A then and now

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My babies make me laugh. Especially their funny faces and little round heads and fuzzy hair and bright big eyes and squishy cheeks.

(Thanks Princess for finding the “then” picture!)

Life in the fast lane

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Well hello world. I would love to say that my lack of blogging is because I’m going to bed at 9:00 pm at night. But no, it’s only because I just haven’t felt like blogging.  Part writer’s block, part just don’t care and watching ridiculous reality tv is more fun.

We haven’t been doing anything out of the ordinary lately. I think I shared that Pat was sick last week. Very very sick. Probably the sickest he’s ever been. By Friday he was finally feeling a little better.  And then Sunday right before church he threw his back out.  I was feeling very overwhelmed and was not a very nice wife and got crabby at him. Because of course it was all his fault that he was sick for a week and now it was his fault that he hurt his back.  A few minutes later Angel pulled a full glass of milk off the counter and spilled it all over.

Let me just say that there is a time and place to cry over spilled milk.

When Pat has put his back out in the past it usually means he’s in bed for 2 days. But thankfully this time he bounced right back (after a long back rub from me and a hot shower). I think he was able to bounce back so quickly because he’s lost so much weight (25 pounds!).

My weight lost has kinda stalled lately. I haven’t been exercising much lately, mostly because with Pat sick it’s nearly impossible to find the time. One night after the kids were in bed I took both dogs and went out for a run but it was dark and still a little creepy.  Plus my lack of motivation to blog seems to have carried over into many areas of my life, including exercising. Thankfully I’ve done pretty good with my eating so even though I haven’t been exercising much I haven’t gained anything. (But we’ll see if that’s still true in a few days).

Because of Pat being sick we ended up not doing the 5K last Saturday. Plus the trail was flooded and so they decided to just run it on a track. We decided to do the 2 mile walk so we could all do it together and that was still fun.

We’re on week two of our new schedule for the kids. Monday and Tuesday they go to daycare and Wednesday-Friday they go to Grama Barb’s. We’re working through food for Caleb because alot of what they make at daycare has eggs in it. We might end up having to bring some of his own food, which will be ok so we know for sure what he’s eating.

We’ve started volunteering with our youth group again. Love that! Before the babies came the youth group was a huge part of our life and so it’s fun to get involved again.  And our couples small group starts this Sunday. Can’t wait to see how God will use that to encourage us all!

I got a settlement check in the mail the other day. $2.84. Pretty amazing, huh. I told Pat that I’d been praying to get a check in the mail so we could get out of our debt hole. I guess I need to pray a little more specifically.  On the other hand I also got a bill for $800 from our hospital. Because it turns out the tests I had in the summer for the chest pain I was having (am having) weren’t covered by insurance. Isn’t that special.

Well I think that’s all that’s happening in the fast lane called life. I think I’ll go have a snack and get motivated to exercise tomorrow.

One last worthless item. Have you seen the preview for the movie Catfish? Creepy!  That’s all.

In less than a month she’ll be three

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How is that possible?

First came an Angel, then came a Baby

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(and then came chaos. just kidding. kinda.)

When I was pregnant with Caleb my mom wrote a song about our two miracle babies. At the time I didn’t post it on my blog because I wasn’t using the kids’ real names. Last night mom was here visiting and her and the kids started singing and playing the song and I was able to capture it on video. 

So thankful for my Angel and my Baby.