How bout a little randomness

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1. Yesterday Pat was changing Angel’s diaper and Angel said to him, “I’m SOO tired of changing diapers.” 

2. Angel is not even close to being potty trained. Despite the fact that a few weeks ago she was wearing underwear all day and staying dry. Not sure what happened but I’m SOO tired of changing diapers!

3. I did not do so hot on my eating today. I had an egg-free cookie made by our nephew’s girlfriend. They may or may not have been made with a pound of butter. Yes. One pound. Then at lunch I ordered my normal 170 calorie Fresco Chicken Ranchero Taco but I received the regular Chicken Ranchero Taco which is not 170 calories.  Yes. I did eat it anyway.  And then we ate supper at church and they had these hugely amazing special K bars.  I may or may not have had a moment of weakness and ate the entire thing.

4. All that training and anticipation and neither Pat nor I were able to run the 5k last Saturday. Turns out you had to register the night before! It was kind of a bummer but we still had fun helping my brother at their water station and cheering on the runners. We are planning to run the Walk for Life 5K coming up a week from Saturday.

5. We found a daycare we are going to give a try. It’s a center but it’s smaller than most centers. There will be 10 in Caleb’s group and 5 in Angel’s group. They are going to let Angel be in the preschool group so I’m excited about that and I know she’ll love it. They will go to daycare Monday and Tuesday and Grandma Barb’s Wednesday – Friday, plus Angel has her pre-3’s preschool at church on Friday mornings. We’ll give it a try and see how it goes (and if we can afford it)!

6. I haven’t cleaned my bathrooms in 3 weeks. Just thought you should know that.

7. Caleb eats all the time. He wakes up in the morning and within 12 seconds he’s wanting to go into the kitchen to get breakfast. And then as soon as he gets to Grandma Barb’s he’s expecting a snack.  He’s such a porker.

8. I know I originally said that our starting weight when we started exercising and eating healthy was 210 for Pat and 155 for me. However, that actually wasn’t our high weight.  This would be our high weight, Christmas 2008. Pat was around 260 and I just under 200.

Yikes. I had just had baby Caleb and I guess Pat was eating so I wouldn’t feel so alone eating.  It’s pretty amazing looking at this picture. Especially seeing now how skinny my husband is.

Plus since this picture he’s lost at least another 5 pounds. I’m so proud of him! Especially because he’s got plenty of discpline and unlike his wife says no to cookies and special k bars.

9. It’s a new day tomorrow though right. Praise God for that!


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