Weekend wrap up

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We actually had a pretty low key weekend. Which was nice because it seems like we’re always going and so busy.

Friday night I worked until 7 pm and decided to ride  my bike home. It was the first time I’d done this – Pat has rode to and from work many times. I had ran two out of the three previous days so my legs were already pretty sore. The bike ride killed my legs but I made it. Not sure how far it is, but it took me about 45 minutes.

Friday night we just vegged out and the movie Wall-E was on tv so we watched a little bit of that.  Pat had a cold coming on and so he went to bed as soon as the kids did. Unfortunately he was sick all weekend.

Saturday we did some cleaning – much needed cleaning.  After cleaning and a run to the store the kids were ready for naps and then Princess and Prankster came over to visit! Angel and Caleb love them so much and we spent most of the time playing hide and seek. But Angel also had to take some pictures, her most recent favorite pastime. And since it’s already 10 pm I’ll have to post pictures tomorrow.

Saturday night Pat and I went to the movie Salt. Since he still wasn’t feeling good we didn’t go out to eat or stop at a coffee shop like I was hoping but it was still fun to get out to a movie.

Pat did the screen at church on Sunday morning so he was there for all three services. Me and the kiddos went at 9 am, Angel went to her first day of Sunday School, Caleb went to the nursery and I went to church by myself. It was kinda weird to be able to actually listen and participate in the entire service! Next week our Sunday School class starts so then we’ll all go to church at 8 am or 11 am service.

After church the kiddos (and mama) took a nap. Pat watched football (which means he also napped). Earlier in the week I had decided to try to do a long run on Sunday but once today actually got here I was dreading it. I drove down to the bike trails and started at 4:30 with the goal to run for 30 minutes and then turn around and run back. Surprisingly I made it! 5 miles! Yes, I’m still running a slow 12 minute mile but I don’t care. Once I get my mileage up there consistently I’ll work on my speed.  I was really excited because I have the 5K Run for Life this Saturday and I hadn’t actually done 3 miles before today. 

When I got done I could hardly walk and felt very old. My knee hurt and my groin hurt and my feet hurt. I do need to save up for new shoes – I’m wearing Walmart or Payless brand, something that was cheap, now – and hopefully that will help.  But it also felt awesome to run 5 MILES!

After I got home we had supper, Pat went to bed and me and the kids went to the store. We got home and made flowerpots (cookies, pudding, gummy worms). The kids were pretty excited although I had bought mint chocolate cookies and they didn’t like that. And since it’s 10:15 pm I’ll post pictures later.

We cleaned up the chocolate mess and then the babies (eventually) went to bed.  Tomorrow they start their new daycare which they’ll go to every Monday and Tuesday. Angel is very excited and told me tonight that she won’t be scared because she’s a big girl.  She’s such a sweety.

This week will bring major yard clean up tomorrow. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day tomorrow. We also need to get some pictures taken for Angel’s 3 year birthday and to send to her birth mom.  I was telling Angel this tonight and she didn’t remember who her birth mom was. She asked why we needed to take pictures and I told her we want to send some to D, her birth mom. She said, “Ok mom, but I’m Angel and D is someone else.”  I agreed with her but had to laugh because she is so funny.  

We have church Wednesday night and my mom comes to visit on Thursday for a few days. Otherwise it’s just a normal week around here. Well as normal as can be I guess. Hope you’re week is good!


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