We won’t go to bed mad but we might sleep in separate beds

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Is it only Tuesday? Wowzers, it’s been quite the week already. Over the weekend Pat wasn’t feeling well. He woke up Monday morning to full fledged flu with aches, fever, the whole nine yard.  This also happened to be the first day of Angel and Caleb’s new daycare and it was the first day of my new training class at work. I wish I could say I was the one getting the training but no, it’s me doing the training, which meant that I really needed to be there early. Thankfully my employer is understanding that family comes first but it was a stressful drive to work trying to get there before my new staff.

Since I ran 5 miles on Sunday, Monday was a rest day. Not that I would have exercised anyway, but I was so thankful I didn’t have to even think about it.  I did have to think about our yard though. We hadn’t mowed the lawn in at least a week and our landscaping was so overgrown. I borrowed my brother’s shears and took my frustrations out on our landscaping. I wish I would have taken a before and after picture because the poor little things were butchered. Oh well, they’ll grow back (hopefully).

Pat woke up sick again today. I had a to do list for tonight which included finishing up the yard/landscaping, exercising and working since I had to be late yesterday and today. Since Pat was still sick none of those are going to happen. So instead I bought the kids mini blizzards and turned on cartoons while I cleaned up their mess.

And then I ate half of Caleb’s blizzard because he said he was done. And then he got mad.  I should know by now that he’s never done. Then I kicked myself because I’m going to have to do Jillian’s 30 Day Shred four times after the kids go to bed.

Sunday night I cut Angel’s hair. She has never had a haircut other than one time I trimmed her bangs. Her hair was so uneven and so I tried to even it out.  Definitely not my calling, the whole hair thing. I know it’s grow but poor little think looks like a boy. But she’s so cute.

(pictures taken with phone)

(We interrupt this blog post for some wrestle mania and more pictures.)

(That was a good little pick me up!)

So much for Jillian. I realized after the kids were in bed that we have two big black dogs and that it was a beautiful fall night. So we went out for a little run and miracle of miracles I actually outlasted the doggies! 

Only 4 more days til my next 5K. Pat was going to run too but I doubt that will happen now. It’s the 5K Run for Life and I’m trying to raise $175 so if you would like to pledge please leave me a comment and I’ll email you details.

And now the dilemna: do I sleep in our bed with my sick hubby (who went to acute care tonight and has strep) or do I find a cozy spot on the kids’ bedroom floor? As much as I don’t want to get sick I can’t imagine not sleeping in my bed with my hubby. Actually what I can’t imagine is hauling my old body off the kid’s bedroom floor in the morning. So I think we might just have to take a chance.


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