Week in review

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~I started attending a women’s Bible study and was so incredibly blessed.

~Pat made supper two nights in a row.  And even though I was extremely thankful for this I did give him a bad time for making 3 cups of noodles (6 cups cooked) for one of those meals.

~I learned that 6 cups of cooked noodles is alot of noodles.

~Pat worked out with a little helper.  And he biked and ran this week. He rocks.

~Caleb was Tinkerbell.

~And so was the birthday girl.

~We had a fun birthday party for Angel on Sunday. Many family and friends were there to celebrate with us.

~Princess and Prankster were here to visit the birthday girl. (And she was so happy about that!)

~I ran on Sunday morning but haven’t done anything else even close to exercise since. Well besides chasing after two little monsters.

~The birthday girl had ice cream cake instead of regular cake so Caleb could enjoy some too.

~Twins. In our bed. (as usual)

~I didn’t blog very much (obviously).  But I did snuggle my kids alot and went to bed early alot.

~We don’t have to work tomorrow and are going to celebrate Angel’s birthday by going to the zoo, having a special lunch and going to the dentist.  And just maybe, if the little monsters cooperate, we’ll sleep in.  A girl can dream right?


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