I still eat twinkies

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Now that it’s almost dark by 6 pm and the temperatures are starting to drop into the 30’s (and I’m a wimp), I’ve really cut back on running and biking. It’s a little frustrating but at the same time there’s nothing much I can do about it because I’m not going to go out by myself in the dark.  When  I get to the point that I need to exercise and I can’t go run or bike I will do Jillian’s 30 Day Shred but lately I haven’t found the energy or will to even do that.

Pat’s still been running. He’s a maniac. He’s improved his pace by almost 2 minutes and the other day he ran 5 miles.  But then the next day his foot hurt and he thought he might have a stress fracture. Thankfully it turned out to just be a strain.

Even though I haven’t been exercising I haven’t gained any weight. Holding strong at 134. Still feel like I need to get rid of those last 4 pounds and would really love to tone up more.  But again, not having much motivation for anything lately.  We had slacked off a little bit on our eating so we’ve been trying to get back on track with that. 

It’s official though, we are no longer training. In the Spring we’ll kick it into high gear again, we’d really like to do a 1/2 marathon next Summer or Fall.  The part I most enjoy though about this whole thing is that our exercising and trying to eat less/healthy has become somewhat of a lifestyle.  We aren’t major strict so that it’s unrealistic (thus the title of this post) but we still keep track of our calories (most of the time) and try to do some type of exercise a couples times a week. Ok, well, I try to do something maybe once a week but I’ll hopefully improve on that soon.

Another huge blessing of eating less/healthier is that I feel so much better. Obviously, right?  You might remember that awhile ago I was having chest pain and had a bunch of tests and was told I should have my gall bladder out. Not only because of the pain but because I also would have to spend alot of time in the bathroom right after I ate.  Would is the key word. For the past 3 months, since eating healthier and eating less, all those issues have virtually disappeared.  I actually didn’t realize it until last week we went to the Pizza Ranch buffet and I wasn’t very disciplined.  I was so sick. And I unfortunately had to miss out on some of our carnival time with the kiddos (our Pizza Ranch has a big carnival, game room) because I was so sick.  I realized that I hadn’t been sick like that for a few months.  Even though I was miserable I’m thankful for the reminder that eating less/healthier is not just about losing weight.

As far as food goes, I thought I’d share a little bit of what we eat.

The very nice thing about exercising is that you don’t have to be major strict about what you eat. We of course still kept track and still ate healthy but if you want a little extra something you don’t feel as bad.

The most important thing is your servings. It doesn’t matter if all you eat is low calorie food. If you are still eating 2 and 3 servings, it’s going to add up and you’re not going to lose weight.  So figure out what your servings are, buy a food scale and read the labels.  Compared to what we used to eat, it would seem like we hardly eat anything because we try to stick with one serving of everything.  But we don’t need all that food. Obviously that’s why we were overweight.

We eat alot of chicken and fish. We try to limit our fried food. We try to eat alot of fruit and veggies.  We hardly eat mayo or sour cream anymore and if we do it’s low fat or just a tiny bit.  We eat alot of salads. You’d be amazed at how many different salads you can make if you just think outside the box.  Plus because most things in salads are low calorie you can eat alot of it!  We keep fatty foods and high calorie foods to a minimum.

Breakfast is Special K Cereal (Vanilla Almond) for me.  But again, you have to watch your servings. One serving is only 3/4 of a cup. Then you have to add the calories for milk.  When I’m running late and don’t have time to eat cereal I’ll eat a Special K Cereal Bar. 90 calories baby and I get a chocolate fix!

Lunch is usually leftovers. If we don’t have leftovers we’ll have a salad. Also, regarding salads, if you don’t use low calorie dressing you’re racking up calories pretty fast. The thing is, if you have yummy juicy veggies like cucumbers and red and yellow peppers and avocado you don’t even need dressing! I usually put salt and pepper and maybe one tsp of low calorie dressing and that’s it.

Another great lunch that we have had alot is Taco Bell.  Just wait – hang with me. They have the “drive through diet” which is 6 or 8 or their tacos made fresco style. No sour cream or sauce, they are made with a salsa instead. Yummy and low calorie!  Now you have to have a little discipline and not order the Baja Blast Mt Dew (which I normally don’t – have discipline) you’ll be all set!

Ok last but not least is snacks.  First of all you need to have a good pep talk with yourself and realize that you don’t always have to snack.  One of the most effective things for me in staying on track was realizing that I’m a huge emotional eater.  So when I think I need a snack I now talk through it with me, myself and I and make sure I’m actually hungry or if it’s something else going on.  If it’s something else going on, I need to deal with that something else or go on a walk or run or bike ride.

Our favorite snacks are tortilla chips and salsa, light popcorn, cheese (although calories add up fast with cheese), tortilla chips and guacamole (smash up an avocado and add a little bit of homemade salsa – yum!), grapes, Veggie Sticks, Special K Cereal Bar and watermelon. I think there’s more but I can’t think of anything else right now. 

Well obviously I’m not a trained dietitian – I’m not a trained anything – this is just what we’ve experienced and learned the past 3 months. You just have to try it for yourself and find what works best for you. 


2 thoughts on “I still eat twinkies

    learningpatience said:
    November 6, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    You go girl! Good job! Reading this made me hungry for a salad!

    sincerelyanna said:
    November 24, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    I am way behind in reading blogs and catching up on yours tonight. Woohoo for losing so much weight and making all these healthy changes to your lifestyle. Way to go!

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