The web itself is a miracle

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I have to work late tomorrow night so we had our family night tonight.  Family night consists of going out to eat or ordering in pizza and then watching a movie. Angel chose Charlotte’s Web for tonight (the newest version).

I love this movie. I cry through the whole thing. Maybe it’s because I grew up on a farm and I love all the little reminders of my childhood. Maybe it’s because I love the memories of shearing sheep and having pet baby animals and animals that talked to me. Ok, maybe not the last part. 

But I also cry through the whole movie because it has so many good messages. Not judging the outside of someone. Friendship. Keeping your promises.

My two favorite lines of the movie are when the mom is talking to the doctor about her daughter’s over active “imagination”. The doctor reminds the mom that the web itself is a miracle, not just the fact that there are words in it.  And then when Farmer Zuckerman is talking about Wilbur and he reminds people that there really are many miracles in our life – we just often don’t realize it or don’t see it.

(That’s just my intro folks!)

So tonight I wanted to share about some of the little miracles in my life.

~My marriage. Ok, that’s a huge miracle. Dr Phil told us that we had a 10% chance of surviving.  Well, he didn’t tell us personally but I heard him say that once. That marriages that start like ours have a 10% chance of surviving. I’m so very thankful that our God is bigger than 10%.

~Patrick. Of course I wouldn’t have my marriage if I didn’t have Pat. And while my marriage is a miracle it doesn’t mean it’s easy or fun all the time. Alot of time the reason my marriage does struggle is because I forget that my husband is a miracle. I forget how he completes me and makes me laugh and keeps us safe and provides for us. I forget what an amazing father he is. I forget how he loves his wife and children more than life itself and how he seeks to love God with all He is.

~Angel. Last night I sat in between her and Caleb’s bed waiting for them to go to sleep. I just stared at her, still in disbelief after 3 years, that she is my baby girl.  I’m so blessed to be her mom.

~Caleb. The one we call monster. The one and only child I will carry in my womb. The one that tortures his sister and destroys my house. The one that loves to cuddle and give great big kisses and big squeeze hugs.

~The stars. Every morning lately when I leave for work I’ve been blessed to see clear skies filled with stars. The Arms of Orion shine brightly and remind me what a great big God we serve.

~Friends. I’m not the best friend. I guess I’m fearful to allow myself to be vulnerable. Or maybe I’m afraid I’m going to hurt my friends like I did once before.  But even with my fear and silly notions, God has blessed me with some wonderful friends.  Friends that encourage me and make me laugh and are so generous and gracious to me even when I’d prefer to hide out and be anti-social.  I’m so thankful for my friends and the joy they bring.

~Princess.  Our life just isn’t as fun without her here every day.  But the anticipation of seeing her and her hubby – even if it is months away – is a treasure.  And then we do see them and we laugh and play hide and seek (with the babies) and talk and laugh some more and then we have to wish they never leave. But still we’re thankful for the time we have.

~Children’s Tylenol. (No explanation needed.)

~Two toddler beds side by side. I love sitting in the kids room, sometimes in between their beds, sometimes on Angel’s little white chair. I love seeing them snuggled up in their beds. One Dora, one Cars. They could be twins, these two.  They are two peas in a pod.

~Listening to Angel talk, especially when she teases.  She’s so funny because she knows when to tease. She’ll pretend she’s sleeping when we drive in the car.  Or I’ll tell her to ask daddy if we can go out to eat somewhere (Apple Bee’s) but then she always asks to go to Pizza Ranch. (She loves Pizza Ranch).  She’s taken to putting Caleb in timeout lately. Guess I do that a little too much.

~Hot showers and warm cars and hot soup and fuzzy blankets.

~Seeing the kids kneel beside their bed to pray. Even when I forget or am tired and am tempted to skip out so everyone can go to bed sooner, the kids make sure we kneel down when we say our bedtime prayers.

~Family memories.  Cleaning the house together.  Playing outside. Going on walks and playing in the park. Going to the river and riding in the boat. Fishing. Biking. Playing games or cards. Playing hide and seek (for the 300th time). Worshipping together. Eating breakfast together. Eating supper together. Cooking together. Praying together. 

So many memories. So many moments that are little miracles. I want to cherish each one.


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