It’s a wonderful life

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~Life. Wonderful, crazy, busy, overwhelming, hectic, joyful, sad, wonderful life.

~The kiddos are officially in the heart of their terrible twos. We had a special guest for our couple’s bible study last week – a good friend of mine who’s a Child Life Specialist. She shared some great advice and encouragement and that has really helped Pat and I to be more patient and handle their defiance differently.  But it’s so difficult to know the best way to handle situations.  I constantly feel like a complete and utter failure as a mom.  I guess I know the best way to handle it is to cover it all in prayer and be on my knees more.

~While Angel and Caleb disobey constantly and try our patience like there’s no tomorrow, they also make us laugh like crazy and we have so much fun making memories together.  My mom had bought us a season pass to the zoo and we’ve spent alot of time there this summer and fall. I love having a season pass because we don’t feel like we have to see everything every time.

We just went again this last weekend and had a very successful zoo day! The big mama lion came right up to the window where we were standing and put her face against the glass. It was amazing.  And then we went to see the baby Rhino – although up until this weekend he wasn’t on display. When we went into the display he was hiding in the corner behind mama so we couldn’t see him. But then everyone left but us and then they both got up and came over to the fence where we were standing. The little baby rhino was so cute and the kids were so excited. It was pretty awesome.

~The other night at supper Angel and Daddy were talking about what color someone’s hair was.  I wasn’t really listening until …

Angel: I have red hair daddy.

Daddy: Yes you do.

Angel: And you don’t have any hair!

(Mommy laughs really loud on the inside. Poor daddy.)

~Caleb is starting to talk more and more but he still hasn’t put two words together.  We’ve been working on him with this but he’s just so darn stubborn, he feels no need to have to talk.  I love listening to him and Angel have a conversation. It mostly consists of Angel talking and talking and talking and after every sentence Caleb says “Oh.”

~I shared last week that I have some good news to share. I don’t really have details yet but we’ve decided that I’m going to go back to working part-time.  I’m not really sure in what capacity at my current job I’ll be able to work part-time or if I’ll have to go somewhere else. But I’m waiting patiently until everything can get decided.

~I have most of my Christmas shopping done.

(Pick yourself up off the floor)

It’s going to be a very simple Christmas this year but I’m excited because we’re still going to have just as much fun and make just as many memories.

~We are also very excited  for Thanksgiving. It’s my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary on November 28th and so my entire family is renting an RV and we are going to drive out to Montana to visit my dad’s family. It’s been a long time since we’ve been out to visit so we are very excited for that but also for the road trip.  The only bad part is that Princess and Prankster can’t come but they are going to house/dog sit for us so we’re thankful for that.

~I like this song


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