According to Angel I’m old

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So today is my birthday.  Angel and I have spent the past 2 hours looking through our pictures trying to find a baby picture of me. I can’t find any of them though. It makes me panic just a bit, but I’m hoping I left them at my parents house last time we visited.  

Since I can’t find a baby picture you’re going to have to settle for this…

In case you can’t tell, I’m the sassy one in the middle. And I wonder where my kids get their attitudes from. (My little brother Jim, the blondie, is a splitting image of Caleb. Wow!)

How about this one. Senior year of high school. The crazies in the picture with me are my sister and brother. (I’m so dead for that one).

Not long after that I matured and went to college. And dressed up like grapes. (That’s me in the middle, the green one. Hi Sara and Trixie!)

Ok, so enough with the scary flash backs.

On Friday night we were suppose to have an amazing date of hanging out with some dear friends we haven’t seen in awhile and then go dancing. Unfortunately Angel came down with the flu or something that caused her to have 102 fever. Friday she had started to feel better but still wasn’t completely herself and Friday night still had a fever. The mama caved and canceled our date. The daddy wasn’t happy but I couldn’t leave my baby girl when she was sick.

Saturday she was doing alot better and so we went out then.  This amazing restaurant in town was having its annual fundraiser Saturday night – $10 each and two cans of food got us a wonderful meal. Probably the coolest thing was that it was so crowded that we had to share tables with complete strangers. It was like a community dinner – so fun!  The only bad thing is that because it was so crowded you had to eat quickly and then leave to give others a place to sit. Not really a quiet romantic dinner, but still alot of fun and something different. So I take that back, it was pretty romantic.

After dinner we decided to go to a movie but since we ate so quickly we had an hour and 1/2 to kill. We went to the mall where the movie was playing and walked around for 30 minutes and then found a table and chairs and sat and talked for another hour.  That quiet romance I was looking for? Well I just got it. This mall is a real small mall and there aren’t many people wandering around. We talked about lots of stuff, held hands and maybe kissed a couple times. (hee hee).  Unfortunately the movie was a complete waste of time (other than the popcorn and pop) but I would still have to say it was probably one of our best dates ever.

Pat had decided to make lunch for me on Sunday and so after church he went to work while the kids and I cuddled on the couch and watched cartoons. Divine.  He was so nervous about what he made but it was absolutely fabulous! Grilled chicken with a great sauce, rice and broccoli. He made the rice and broccoli with a spicy sausage that really, well, spiced it up!  And then we even had dessert. An ice cream treat with berries and a crumble on top.  

While everything was amazing, my favorite part was what we drank. I had bought some sparkling grape juice last week and so we dusted off the wine glasses and all four of us enjoyed a special drink. Angel and Caleb thought they were pretty cool. And I would have to say they were.


The only bad part of our meal was when I asked Angel if mommy was young or old. She said, “It’s your birthday.”  (Don’t avoid the question my dear).  I asked her again and of course she said old. Sad.

After lunch the kids napped and Pat and I watched a movie. We ended the night with a nice walk around the neighborhood. Angel and Caleb get so excited when they see pumpkins. And now it’s even better because people are starting to turn Christmas lights on and they love that too.

I’m so blessed to have the family and friends that I do. Even though I see the big 4-0 coming up down the road, I know it’ll all be ok.

Oh ya. I almost forgot. My birthday present this year from Patrick: a sparkling clean bathroom.  My man knows how to make me happy, that’s for sure!


One thought on “According to Angel I’m old

    Stacy said:
    November 15, 2010 at 1:14 am

    I’m glad you had a good birthday weekend, despite the way it started out! Oh my, that prom picture made me laugh–makes me want to break out the old photo albums and look at pictures. Take care, Stacy

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