The day she became a mrs part 1

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(Alternate title: It’s about time I post about Princess’ wedding.)

Saturday, June 12th was here before we knew it. Overall the week leading up to Princess’s wedding was pretty unstressful. (Click on the category “The wedding” to read these posts). Princess is the most organized well-planned young lady I’ve ever seen and you could certainly tell that as we came to her and Prankster’s big day.

Saturday morning she had a 7 am appointment to get her hair done. I drove over to get some pictures of her and to see how she was holding up.

You see it was raining. And they’d planned for all outdoor pictures. Without really a plan b.

But she was doing great. Nothing was going to damper her spirits. I was so proud of her that she wasn’t letting the rain get her down.  I had also prayed for help for myself and committed to not letting myself worry about things out of my control. I might just be a control freak and have a ridiculous need to overplan and know everything that’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen and oh ya, maybe there’s a better way that it should happen.

I know, I need major therpay.

But not Princess. She was beaming.

Her hair appointment went great and a little after 8 am we were on our way to the church. But not before I drove through Starbucks to get Princess her last chai tea as a single lady.

I got ready quick and then spent the next hour or so just enjoying being there with Princess and her bridesmaids. I didn’t really have to do much at all and so that was nice.  Pat and the kids got there around 9:00 am to get ready so that changed things just a little and kept me busy.  The plan was for Princess and Prankster to start pictures at 9:30 am.

Mommy Vickie helping Princess get her dress on.

I love this picture. Holding one baby girl as I look at my other. (tears)

Princess with her maid of honor/best friend/cousin Erica.

Caleb looking as handsome as ever. Wearing his cool shoes.

9:30 am came and went but the pictures didn’t start. What would this day bring?

The groom. He doesn’t look excited, does he?

(photographs courtesy of Nicole Pierson Photography)


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