June is rolling over in her grave

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Tonight I had a Cleaver moment. As in Leave It To Beaver Cleaver.

Pat: Caleb, I’m going to go shave. Do you want to come watch?

Caleb: YA YA YA YA!

Missy: Angel, I’m going to go down and do the laundry. Do you want to come help?

Angel: Sure mommy.

My heart swelled with pride.  We have such a nice little family.

Pride comes before the fall though, and my little vision of perfection all came crashing down as I walked into the carnage of our family room. How is it humanly possible for two little toddlers to make such a mess?

The reality check continued as I hurriedly threw laundry into the washer – without checking for stains or change in pockets. I realized I washed lights and darks and whites all in one load. But what else is new.

We walked back upstairs and I was faced with the dilemma of what chore to do next. Put laundry away in our bedroom? Put laundry away in the kids’ bedroom? Do the dishes? Clean off the counter? Sweep and mop the floor?

How ’bout I do none of the above and instead watch tv and play with the kids.

As I was beginning to realize that I couldn’t be June in my wildest dreams, Pat walked out of the bathroom with a mo-hawk. Turns out he wasn’t shaving his face, but his head. Turns out he’s no Ward.

I thought a little bit more about my glimpse into the reality of our family life and how we are so not the Cleavers.  But the more I thought about it, the more I was thankful.

My house might not be spotless. Ok, not even close to being spotless.  I might not get to be a stay-at-home mom (yet). Our kids might be little monsters and we might daily struggle with how to raise them to know and love the Lord and be kind, caring little people.  Pat and I might not communicate very well and take each other for granted and be as selfish as selfish can be.

But our family is just that. Our family. Imperfect. Real. Living life to the best we can – daily crying out to Jesus to help us along.  And  I’m pretty sure the Cleaver’s got nothing on us.


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