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Christmas 2010 part 1

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My title seems a little lame. I suppose I could have went with:

The weekend I ate enough calories for 13 people.

A Christmas story about people eating all day long.

You better watch out, you better not cry, Santa doesn’t bring presents to people who overeat.

Jesus is the Reason for the season and for eating more than you could possibly ever need.

Ok, well you get the picture.

Christmas Eve was a very lazy day.  We played. We ate. Did a little cleaning. I had to make dessert for Friday night’s family gathering at Pat’s mom’s house.  We also made treats for all the neighbors and the kiddos enjoyed helping.

We ate some more.  Patrick did a little last minute shopping with Princess and Prankster.  At about 1:00 pm we all crashed and took naps. Because obviously being lazy and eating so much is hard work. We woke up at 3:30 pm and I hate to admit it, but were tempted to continue napping and skip church, which was at 4:30 pm.  But thankfully we didn’t because we were hugely (is that a word?) blessed by our Christmas Eve service.

Especially at the end when Pastor Kirk announced, “Well Angel and Caleb are ready to go…” Nice.  Thankfully I know he said it jokingly (right PK?) because they actually did quite well until the last song when they started dancing up a storm.  All kidding aside how amazing is it to sit in the sanctuary with the lights dimmed, candles lit and just take in the hymns of the faith. O Holy Night, it brings me to tears every single time. I love it. We are so blessed.

After church we went to Pat’s mom’s house and guess what. We ate some more! It was a simple meal, but perfect. We tried not to eat too much because we had our Christmas Eve dinner planned for later that night (oh yes we did).  Angel and Caleb and Grama Barb then opened their presents.   It was really nice not doing any other presents this year. We had so much fun just hanging out visiting, and of course being entertained by the monster babies.  The only not good part was Pat’s brother and his family weren’t able to come over.

Grama Barb with Princess and Angel

Caleb with our nephew Tony and his girlfriend Sarah

Angel with aunt Vicky and cousins Stephie and Krissy

Caleb reading to Prankster

All my kiddos!

The whole family

Patrick and his mom

Patrick with his mom and two sisters

Angel diva

Caleb showing his frog to big brother Prince

Around 7:30 pm we headed for home and got started on our official Christmas Eve dinner. Crab legs, asparagus, mashed potatoes, shrimp cocktail, clam strips. I think that’s it.  Unfortunately I forgot that our tradition included cheese fondue. I felt bad because I know Princess and Prankster were looking forward to it. I won’t forget it next year though and it was actually kind of a blessing because we didn’t even finish the crab legs because we were so full from gorging ourselves snacking all day.

Crab leg fight (I believe this might become a tradition too)

After our meal we opened presents. It didn’t take too long because we didn’t have much but it was alot of fun.  I love my grown-up kids because they were SO excited about their pair of socks and car freshener and razors.  Imagine their surprise when they found a little cash inside their gift.  Now I know for next year that I don’t even need to include the cash to make them happy!

It was probably 10:30 pm before the little ones settled down enough to go to sleep. And thankfully they slept well, which means we all slept well.  Which was a good thing because we still had 2 big days left in our Christmas weekend.

Below zero wind chills and 8 inches of snow is not going to stop our anniversary date and other nonsense

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~Tomorrow is our 8th anniversary. Our meaning me and Patrick. Just in case you were wondering. Supposedly it’s my year to plan our anniversary although I thought I planned it last year. And the year before. I believe that my darling husband is taking advantage of the fact that since having kids I don’t remember a thing.

Anyway I’ve been able to keep everything a surprise so far. And unfortunately since he might read my blog I can’t give you any details yet. I can show you what we’re wearing…

My husband is going to look amazing and I’m going to freeze to death. Perfect anniversary date, don’t ya think?  Having an anniversary on New Year’s Eve is alot of fun but it’s also so crazy everywhere we go that it’s kind of a pain. But I think I’ve come up with a date that’s going to be awesome. It does require us to stay up until midnight. Not sure how that’s gonna happen, but we’ll give it a try.

And the good part about 2010 New Year’s Eve. The blizzard that’s on it’s way.  Fabulous.  Kinda reminds me of our marriage. Unpredictable and prone to erupt with bitter and cold.  (Kidding. Sort of.)   We seriously are suppose to have 30-40 mile an hour winds, wind  chills below zero and I think the last prediction was 5-8 inches of snow.  It’s on days like these that I’m so thankful Pat hasn’t sold his Jeep (even though I’ve asked him to a hundred times).   I might have to wear my snowsuit over my dress, but hey, I’ll all about making things work. I’ll keep you posted on how that turns out.

~Yesterday was my last day of work. It was bittersweet as I will really miss all my co-workers and I enjoyed my job. But I’m also thankful to be home with my kiddos. I’m scared to start my new job, which I start on Monday. It’s been over 11 years since I’ve done something completely new. Even when I went to work for the church in 2007 I knew all the staff and had been volunteering so it wasn’t entirely new.  So that part of this adventure really scares me. All the feelings of will they like me, will I like them, will I be able to learn the job, will I hate it, what have I done????

~So because of all those icky feelings (and maybe because it’s that time of the month), and because it’s icky outside and I don’t feel good (I ache all over-please don’t let me be getting sick) I’m really crabby today. I had all these grand plans of crafts and an outing with the kids. But the weather stinks and my attitude stinks and now I just want to stay home in pj’s and watch television all day.

~(Warning – personal female information coming)

Yes, I still have “that time of the month” emotional ups and downs. Even though I had a hysterectomy, they left my ovaries so I have the pleasure of still going through all the hormonal things. It’s not as bad as it used to be but I can still tell when I’m having PMS. Thank goodness I don’t have all the other stuff to go along with it.  Although on crabby, cloudy days like today I think about that too and how I’m only 37 and even though I probably wouldn’t have ever gotten pregnant again I’m sad that I can never ever no possible way get pregnant.

~Today is the day that I need to get our budget in order. Because now that I quit my full-time, great paying job we are going to be broke. The jury is still out if this whole plan is going to work but we are just trusting that it will. Probably no more eating out and alot of eating mac-n-cheese and hot dogs.  I need to re-read this book, because it has some great tips. Maybe try to start clipping coupons, price shop all the stores, etc. It’s time to get serious.

~I don’t want to take down my Christmas decorations. I love love them. They make the house feel so warm and cozy. And I think one reason I love to have them up is because I have no other decorations for the rest of the year. When the two babies came along, we of course had to baby proof. So all I have is pictures in frames as decorations throughout the year. After being in our house for just under 8 years, there are still walls with no decorations. Just two weeks ago, I finally bought a few wall decorations for my bedroom.  So anyway, that’s one reason I love having the decorations out.  I need to shop the clearance sections after each of the upcoming holidays and seasons so I can start decorating again, now that the kids might just not destroy everything. They’ve left the Christmas decorations alone pretty good so I think there’s promise.

~If anyone (my darling husband included) says to me one more time that “I don’t work anymore” I’m going to go completely postal. Has anyone spent an entire day with my darling angels? (Grandma Barb, this is where you speak up). That’s more work than working 2 full time jobs.  But I’m thankful. And challenged. And scared. And thankful and blessed and I can’t wait to make lots of memories.  After I get out of this funk.

~Well it’s going on 8:30 am and the kids still need diapers changed. I’ve managed to take a shower but I suppose I should take care of my children.


Enjoy your day!

My kids, they are well

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Angel and Caleb had their 3 year and 2 year well-baby check ups last week and this week.  Here’s an update on how those crazy kids are doing.

Angel weighs 32 lbs which is the 60th percentile and she is 37.5 inches tall which is in the 50th percentile. I was blown away by this because I’ve always thought she was small.  I know that she eats enough for four 3-year olds but I was still a little surprised. She did really good at the doctor, except that she didn’t say one word.  I don’t think anyone believes me that she talks like a 10-year old because she hardly talks to anyone except family and close friends.  When they asked if she knows at least one color, I was a good girl and just said, “yes,” instead of telling them what I wanted to tell them (that she knows almost every color and every shape and numbers and letters and yes, is the smartest girl in town).

We talked about potty training which is completely non-existent. He said I just need to find those plastic covers and put her in underwear.  Unfortunately I can’t find the plastic covers but I still need to check out a store that sells cloth diapers because I bet they will have them.   We also talked about night time and sleeping, or lack of sleep and Dr recommend a book for us.  I bought it over Christmas weekend and we implemented it about 4 days ago.  And I’ll have to post separately about the process we’ve went through but basically things are going good. Amazing. Awesome. I can’t believe the struggle we’ve been having for two years and just like that they are sleeping peacefully in their bed with no night time fight. Anyway, I’ll share more about that later.

Overall Angel’s appointment went really good. She wasn’t scared or anything and did a good job. Unfortunately she had to get one shot (can’t remember what) and also the flu shot.  I was very upset because there were two nurses who did the shots and one of them stuck her twice. I’m not sure if Angel’s leg kicked or what but the nurse poked her, the needle came out and she poked her again. It was awful. Angel was not a happy camper after that.  But mama had already promised a special treat after the doctor appointment so we stopped and found an Aerial doll that she loves.

Caleb’s appointment was just today and it was actually kinda boring. We didn’t really have much to visit with the doctor about. He’s just starting to express interest in potty training. The sleeping thing, well hopefully we’ve got that figured out.  We already know he’s allergic to eggs.  He’s a pretty healthy, happy little boy otherwise.

He weighs 27 lbs which is in the 30th percentile and he is 33.25 inches tall which is also in the 30th percentile. Again, I was so surprised by this. I always think that he’s such a chunk but he’s really not. Maybe it’s his big head and feet and hands that make him appear to be so big. Or the way he carries himself like he’s a big linebacker.  He is a pretty picky eater and Pat and I are on the small side so I shouldn’t be surprised, I guess.

We had been worried about his talking but in the last month he has just exploded with learning new words and seems to be right on track. He’s starting to be able to repeat almost anything we say. It’s so fun to finally hear him talk. He doesn’t say too many 2-word sentences but he’s starting too. Of course “hot dog” but maybe that’s just one word. Yesterday he said, “Papa’s house”, because that’s where he would prefer to live.  So he’s getting there. He still won’t say any numbers or letters but surprisingly he knows two colors (pink and blue).

Caleb didn’t have to get any shots on this visit and unfortunately he couldn’t get a flu shot because of egg allergy. I’m just praying he doesn’t get sick this winter. He had RSV last March and the past month or so he’s been so weezy and coughy. We need to try to keep him healthy!

Here’s a few pictures of our babies who are very very well. We are blessed beyond measure and are so thankful!

(diva girl!)

Thanksgiving in Montana part 2

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(Click here to read part 1)

(I wouldn’t read this if you are not fond of deer hunting.)

We finally went out for a few hours of deer hunting. My dad, uncle Bob and I in one vehicle. Pat, my sister, cousin Blaine and Blaine’s friend in another vehicle.  The deer hunting we were doing involved sitting in the pick up truck waiting for a deer to walk across the field.

An hour past with no action what-so-ever. And then a group of deer came across the field but they were quite a ways out from where we were. My dad and I were egging on my uncle Bob to shoot at the big buck in the group but he decided not to.  Right after that we saw another group behind us past a tree claim, but they were all small.  And then my dad spotted a buck coming across the field the other direction, this time alot closer then the first group.

Once again my uncle Bob was unsure if he should shoot at it but my dad and I were so excited because it had been forever since we’d gone hunting. We would have told him to shoot just about anything. He was swayed by us and took a shot at it, about 150 yards out.  He just wounded it though and it kept going, limping along.  Uncle Bob took another shot and hit it again, but still that sucker wouldn’t go down.  At this point he was kinda crawling and hopping along trying to get away so we jump out of the truck and go running after it.

We catch up to it and my uncle Bob takes another shot and misses! And then finally another shot that we thought killed it. This was one buck determined to live though because when we got up to it, it was still fighting. So then my dad had to cut its throat.

Now don’t think me all cold and heartless. At this point I felt a little bad for the poor guy.  But then uncle Bob asked my dad to help him gut him and the thrill of the hunt kicked in again.  (Yes, I realize that sounds sick and wrong.)

I was actually an important part of this operation. They sent me back through the field to get the pickup truck. As I’m running through the field in my dark jacket, jeans and ponytail, I realize that I could pass as a deer and that I had not one bit of orange on. Not so smart.  I then remembered that I was wearing an orange shirt and so I took my coat off and proceeded to run across the field in single digit temps. But hey, I’d rather freeze then get mistaken for a deer.

I drove the truck over to the guys and the deer and they had just finished gutting him.  They hauled him into the truck and we headed over to my cousin’s house to drop off the deer. My mom, aunt, brother, sister-in-law and the kiddos all load into their vehicles and decided to meet us at my cousin’s house to see the deer.   Angel loved it. Caleb not so much.

My brave girl!

Me, Caleb (scared out of his mind), uncle Bob, my dad, Angel

After the deer hunting adventure we all headed back to Bob and Bev’s to eat (again), relax and play cards.  My aunt Bev had gotten a cake for my parents as it was their 40th wedding anniversary!  Around 10 pm we made our way back to the hotel to pack things up and go to bed as we were planning an early breakfast and then heading back home.

Uncle Bob, cousin Blaine, Blaine’s nephew, Blaine’s son, daughter and wife Shannon, Aunt Bev, my sister Danelle (arms), sister-in-law Leana

Sister Danelle, sister-in-law Leana, mom and dad, brother Jim, uncle Bob, cousin Blaine

We met Bob and Bev for breakfast at 7 am and by 8 am were on the road. We made really good time, Patrick drove most of the way, and got to my parent’s house close to 6 pm.

Watching movies.

Playing “fishing” with uncle Jim and aunt Leana!

We still had a 2 hour drive to our house and by the time we unloaded the RV, got some food it was 9 pm by the time we got home.  While the trip was amazing, it’s always great to get home.  It was a Thanksgiving we’ll never forget! While we didn’t get to see all our relatives we made alot of memories and it was so fun to catch up with everyone. All of us driving together in the RV made it an even more memorable trip.