Thanksgiving in Montana

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Thanksgiving weekend we traveled with my family to Montana.  10 hours.  In an RV.  It was awesome.

Pat, the kids and I left town around noon on Wednesday and drove an hour west to pick up the RV.   If you read this post, you know that the weather almost stopped us, but we finally decided to take our chances with the wind and snow.  We arrived to my parent’s house around 3:00 pm on Wednesday and spent the day hanging out with my family.

Because of the bad weather we decided to leave right when my brother got off work, which was 11 pm on Wednesday night. By the time we got on the road it was midnight.  My dad drove and we made it to Rapid City, about 3 hours away, before stopping so he could get some rest.  He was up again at 5 am and we were on the road again.  The weather was pretty icky, very windy, but thankfully most of us slept through it all.  We arrived in Glendive, MT around 10 am on Thursday.

Pat and Caleb relaxing on the rv.

Angel “sleeping” with Aunt Nellie.

Me, Caleb and Aunt Nellie.

My uncle Bob had surprised us and got us hotel rooms so we didn’t have to camp out in the RV! That was such a huge blessing to have a hot shower and each of us have our own space!  We spent a little time getting freshened up and settled and then when to my uncle Bob’s house for the rest of the day and night.

My aunt Bev cooked up a storm and we enjoyed an amazing Thanksgiving meal. With all the aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins and friends there were 20 people around the table. And of course I forgot to take a picture til everyone started leaving to find their nap spot.  Angel and Caleb had no desire to nap though – there were too many new toys and puppies to play with.  Bob and Bev have 4 grandkids (my cousin’s kids) and 3 of them are boys so there is no shortage of trucks and cars. Caleb was in heaven. Angel spent the afternoon chasing after poor baby Bell. Part Pug, part Chihuahua. He was so cute.

Caleb playing with trucks.

Angel with her second cousins watching a movie.

Fireman Caleb.

Angel with puppies Bell and Bode.

Angel playing with second cousin Jordan.

Aunt Bev, my dad and Uncle Bob making Thanksgiving dinner.

We went back to the hotel kinda early Thursday night as we were all exhausted. I think everyone was in bed by 9 pm. Even Angel and Caleb were asleep in record time and slept the entire night. Me and Caleb in one bed. Angel and Daddy in another bed.  The days of me and Pat sharing a bed at a hotel are over.

Friday morning we did a little shopping. I shopped online and then around 9 am we ran to Kmart, the only store in Glendive.  We went back to Bob and Bev’s to be welcomed by more food of course. Bev is so hospitable and she is constantly making food for us. We all pretended that we didn’t eat breakfast at the hotel and enjoyed more of Bev’s cooking!  We then spent the next hour or so trying to decide what to do.

Our options were:  hunting, swimming, shopping or driving to Terry, MT which was about an hour away.

We couldn’t get a hold of my uncle Dale in Terry and so that eventually was dropped from the list. This was a huge bummer because we haven’t seen Dale and his wife Jayne forever either and they’ve never met our babies. Their daughters and families weren’t able to come down for Thanksgiving either.

We all ended up going back to the hotel to let the kids swim.  I was the lucky one chosen to get in the pool with Angel and Caleb. It was pretty fun, until I decided to swim some laps and I was hit with a major reality check of how out of shape I’ve become in the past few weeks.

After swimming we went back to Bob and Bev’s and the kids took a nap and played. Bev, my mom, brother Jim and sister-in-law Leana stayed home and the rest of us went deer hunting. Pat, my sister Danelle, my cousin Blaine and a friend of his were in one pickup. My dad, uncle Bob and I were in another pickup.  It was about 3:00 pm and we only had until 4:30 pm because that was when it started to get dark.   The chances of getting a deer in an hour and 1/2 were pretty much slim to none.

But then again you’re talking about my family. Anything’s bound to happen.

(to be continued)


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