Weekend wrap up

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~Saturday we were hit with a blizzard but decided to brave the weather anyway to go to eye doctor appointments. (What’s a Jeep good for if you can’t drive it through a blizzard).

~Pat and I got new glasses.

(I love him.)

~We attempted to make egg-free cut out cookies.



Yes we did taste “them”. They tasted as bad as they looked.

~I read a book.

~The kids were stir crazy without being able to go outside.

~Pat and I had a date scheduled for Saturday night but the blizzard changed that and we hunkered down at home instead.   I love sitting in the dark with just the Christmas tree and Christmas lights on (with my hubby).

~Sunday morning Pat was running the screen at church but the kids and I stayed home and had our own church. We opened our service with signing Jesus Loves Me.  Angel has a Bible alphabet book and so we read the A page (angels) and the B page (Bethlehem) and did actions (I love watching them do actions-they love it and look so proud). We then went to Caleb’s Bible book and read about Daniel in the lion’s den. That was about all they could take and so we ended the service by singing my made up rendition of Rise and Shine. I was pretty impressed we made it as long as we did.

~I finally found snow boots for the kids in their size. I have not been able to find them anywhere. Unfortunately I had to spend their college savings so they had better plan on playing outside alot this year.

~Which we did as soon as I got home from the store.  Brrr, it was cold and we only lasted 10 minutes.

~Pat and the kids made cookies Sunday night.

Now that’s what cookies are suppose to look like.

~As you might have guessed from all the cookies, we didn’t do well this weekend on our healthy eating lifestyle.  BUT, mark this weekend down in history.  I’m finally to my goal weight of 130! Now granted after all the cookies I won’t stay there long. But it feels great to actually make my goal!   And it’s a new day tomorrow and I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength. Including resist the temptation to eat tasty bad food.

~I actually got my Christmas cards done.  I used Hallmark.com last year and loved it because you enter your addresses and they mail them for you. Right now they are having a couple promotions that make it pretty reasonable.  I splurged a little and did the folded card instead of the one-sided but I figure it’s my last change to splurge before our circumstances change. Which I haven’t told you about and won’t for a few days yet.

~And with that cliff hanger (not) it’s off to bed!


2 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up

    Jenny said:
    December 12, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    Hmm, I’m hoping the cliffhanger about changing circumstances is what I think it is, knowing what you’ve often said is the true desire of your momma heart…

    Jessi Schmidt said:
    December 13, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    Yey Missy! So happy that you made your goal weight. I know how hard it is to be healthy and lose weight!

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