Day: December 13, 2010

Even when she’s 104 she’ll be our little girl

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Our Princess is 20 years old today.  20!

As I write this Patrick is calling our Princess to sing happy birthday. It’s 6:30 in the morning. Even when she’s 104 we’ll call her at 6:30 in the morning to wake her up by our horrendous off key singing.   Although we might have to pass that tradition on to her kids since we’ll be, ya know, dead.

Our Princess is all grown up and married now. Even though I haven’t finished posting about it, it really is true. She’s married and living far far away from us.  So unfortunately we don’t have any plans today that include celebrating with her.   Although we’ll pray for her extra today and ask God to bless her abundantly on this day and days to come.

I can’t believe she’s all grown up. And yes, I’ll probably keep saying that til the day I die.  But I’m so thankful that even though she’s all grown up she still…

…loves her baby brother and sister so much


…makes goofy faces

…talks to dinosaurs (?)

…dresses up like a bird (??)

…loves the beauty of God’s creation

We love you so much Princess. Have a wonderful day. We’re counting the days until your next visit and we get to eat crab legs! (There I announced it publicly to the world wide web – there’s no turning back now!)

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!