Happy birthday Caleb

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Our baby boy is 2 years old today!

Ironically last night both he and Angel came into our room around 3 am asking to get in our bed. They are smart kids because they know if they ask really sweet and with soft voices there’s no way we’re going to say no.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get back to sleep but as I looked at the clock I realized it was exactly 2 years ago that the monster boy was born. 2:44 am to be exact. A few days ago I went back into the archives and read his birth story again. What an amazing 3 days that was!

Pat and I are off work today and so we’ve got a few fun things planned and we’re not sure about the rest of the day. Angel has preschool this morning so we’ll have 2.5 hours to spoil Caleb a little.  Then it’s Pizza Ranch for lunch and afterwards we’ll go to the Pizza Ranch carnival. We were thinking the Butterfly House later but there’s a type of Science Museum (Washington Pavilion) in our town that I think has some free stuff for kids. So we might check that out.  And then Sunday is his birthday party and he’s so excited to open presents!

Here’s our baby boy this morning as we were cheering that it’s his birthday. And then I asked him how old he was:

And Angel saying, “No Mommy this is two!”

Caleb again with is “blank”.

We love you baby boy. We love your smiles and your cuddles and big crocodile tears when you’re sad. We love who God made you to be and that He made you to be our son!  We don’t always love that you’re so naughty and a big monster but you keep our life interesting.

Happy 2nd Birthday Bubba!

One thought on “Happy birthday Caleb

    learningpatience said:
    December 20, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    2 years! How can that be!

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