Thoughts about spoilage

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Last night I took a bath. A scalding, bubbly, water to the top of the tub bath. I don’t remember the last time I took a bath and as I gazed at the candles all around and listened to the worship music playing on my ipod I was reminded that I am so blessed. Spoiled. I have a good life, one I daily take for granted.  I soaked in the suds, the music, attempting to sing a few songs, hoping not to disturb the family with my off key notes. It was time to rest, relax (maybe fall asleep for a few minutes) and think about Christmas.

I think about how Christmas Eve and Christmas day are approaching quickly and I long to teach my kids, not about getting gifts or the pretty decorations or the abundance of food we will eat. But I long to teach them about Him. The baby Jesus that came to Earth. Can they grasp His love? Do I? The spoilings around me often transport me to my own little world of me, myself and I. And I leave Jesus in the dust.

For my birthday, my parents and wonderful hubby bought me a new computer. It was also to be my Christmas present from Pat. Then yesterday Pat announces that we are going to buy a new dishwasher. I argued that I’d already got a Christmas present. While our dishwasher is disgusting and doesn’t clean and let’s just be honest, the last thing on my to do list each day is washing the dishes, I still felt bad, spoiled that he would consider such a gift.  He lives and loves like Jesus – always giving to others first.

We changed our minds and did buy a few Christmas gifts for the kids. We’ll celebrate Christmas with kids opening presents on Christmas Eve and then Christmas day will be all about Jesus.  Part of me cringes, because isn’t every day suppose to be about Jesus? I know it is and I know we strive to do that and sharing love and a few meager gifts with our kids won’t spoil them or void the meaning of Christmas. Will it?  And we don’t know yet what Christmas day will bring or how it’ll be all about Jesus.  Perhaps an ice cream cake with candles and happy birthday Jesus and treats to the neighbors and a ham and all the trimmings to a family in need. Will that be sufficient to show Jesus our love? To cherish and honor and adore Him on his birthday?

I’m spoiled good and I’m spoiled bad. I want the good to overflow in my life, the blessings, family, memories. I want the bad to be snuffed out. The stuff, the things, the selfishness. I want this Christmas, no my life, to reflect the love of Christ. I fail miserably but that’s the beauty of understanding, grasping the love of Christ. He restores and renews and it’s a new day.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. We pray abundant blessings and some good spoilage.


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