Traditions and a Merry Christmas from the kids

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Every year we give the kids an ornament that reflects something they were interested in during the past year. Pat did this for Princess and with her birthday on December 13th it worked great to give it as a birthday present. Angel’s birthday is October 24th and we thought that was a little too far away from Christmas to make it as special. So this year we started a new tradition in having them open them the night before Christmas Eve.

And here’s how it went down:

Angel’s ornament is Tinkerbell because of her love of fairies this year, specifically Tinkerbell. We’ve purchased all three movies throughout the year and she got a Tinkerbell outfit for her birthday.

Caleb got popcorn. His favorite snack. And he went to his first movie this year (well other then when he was just a baby baby).  What we would have loved to get him is a hot dog but we couldn’t find one. His all time favorite food is hot dogs. And it was his first word. And he thinks he’s funny because every time we say, “What should we have for lunch (supper) (breakfast) (snack),” Caleb says, “HOT DOG!”  There’s one other store I didn’t look at and if I happen to find a hot dog we’ll make the popcorn a family ornament. (And maybe reenact the video?).

Today we have an amazing, lazy, game-filled, food-eating day ahead of us. Church is at 4:30 pm and then over to Grandma Barb’s for a few hours. And then back home for just our family Christmas.  Last year we started a new tradition of crab legs on Christmas Eve and we promised Princess and Prankster we’d continue that. So we’ll have a late second supper (we’ll be eating at Gma Barb’s too!) and then opening presents. And I think Prince is able to join us tonight too. I hope hope hope so, we miss him so much!

Have a wonderful day! Cherish each moment and make lots of memories that you’ll never forget!


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