Thanksgiving in Montana part 2

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(I wouldn’t read this if you are not fond of deer hunting.)

We finally went out for a few hours of deer hunting. My dad, uncle Bob and I in one vehicle. Pat, my sister, cousin Blaine and Blaine’s friend in another vehicle.  The deer hunting we were doing involved sitting in the pick up truck waiting for a deer to walk across the field.

An hour past with no action what-so-ever. And then a group of deer came across the field but they were quite a ways out from where we were. My dad and I were egging on my uncle Bob to shoot at the big buck in the group but he decided not to.  Right after that we saw another group behind us past a tree claim, but they were all small.  And then my dad spotted a buck coming across the field the other direction, this time alot closer then the first group.

Once again my uncle Bob was unsure if he should shoot at it but my dad and I were so excited because it had been forever since we’d gone hunting. We would have told him to shoot just about anything. He was swayed by us and took a shot at it, about 150 yards out.  He just wounded it though and it kept going, limping along.  Uncle Bob took another shot and hit it again, but still that sucker wouldn’t go down.  At this point he was kinda crawling and hopping along trying to get away so we jump out of the truck and go running after it.

We catch up to it and my uncle Bob takes another shot and misses! And then finally another shot that we thought killed it. This was one buck determined to live though because when we got up to it, it was still fighting. So then my dad had to cut its throat.

Now don’t think me all cold and heartless. At this point I felt a little bad for the poor guy.  But then uncle Bob asked my dad to help him gut him and the thrill of the hunt kicked in again.  (Yes, I realize that sounds sick and wrong.)

I was actually an important part of this operation. They sent me back through the field to get the pickup truck. As I’m running through the field in my dark jacket, jeans and ponytail, I realize that I could pass as a deer and that I had not one bit of orange on. Not so smart.  I then remembered that I was wearing an orange shirt and so I took my coat off and proceeded to run across the field in single digit temps. But hey, I’d rather freeze then get mistaken for a deer.

I drove the truck over to the guys and the deer and they had just finished gutting him.  They hauled him into the truck and we headed over to my cousin’s house to drop off the deer. My mom, aunt, brother, sister-in-law and the kiddos all load into their vehicles and decided to meet us at my cousin’s house to see the deer.   Angel loved it. Caleb not so much.

My brave girl!

Me, Caleb (scared out of his mind), uncle Bob, my dad, Angel

After the deer hunting adventure we all headed back to Bob and Bev’s to eat (again), relax and play cards.  My aunt Bev had gotten a cake for my parents as it was their 40th wedding anniversary!  Around 10 pm we made our way back to the hotel to pack things up and go to bed as we were planning an early breakfast and then heading back home.

Uncle Bob, cousin Blaine, Blaine’s nephew, Blaine’s son, daughter and wife Shannon, Aunt Bev, my sister Danelle (arms), sister-in-law Leana

Sister Danelle, sister-in-law Leana, mom and dad, brother Jim, uncle Bob, cousin Blaine

We met Bob and Bev for breakfast at 7 am and by 8 am were on the road. We made really good time, Patrick drove most of the way, and got to my parent’s house close to 6 pm.

Watching movies.

Playing “fishing” with uncle Jim and aunt Leana!

We still had a 2 hour drive to our house and by the time we unloaded the RV, got some food it was 9 pm by the time we got home.  While the trip was amazing, it’s always great to get home.  It was a Thanksgiving we’ll never forget! While we didn’t get to see all our relatives we made alot of memories and it was so fun to catch up with everyone. All of us driving together in the RV made it an even more memorable trip.

One thought on “Thanksgiving in Montana part 2

    Jenny said:
    December 28, 2010 at 8:29 am

    I don’t mind deer hunting as long as I don’t have to see dead deer before it’s processed. Poor Caleb, no wonder he was all freaked out! 🙂

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