Christmas 2010 part 1

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My title seems a little lame. I suppose I could have went with:

The weekend I ate enough calories for 13 people.

A Christmas story about people eating all day long.

You better watch out, you better not cry, Santa doesn’t bring presents to people who overeat.

Jesus is the Reason for the season and for eating more than you could possibly ever need.

Ok, well you get the picture.

Christmas Eve was a very lazy day.  We played. We ate. Did a little cleaning. I had to make dessert for Friday night’s family gathering at Pat’s mom’s house.  We also made treats for all the neighbors and the kiddos enjoyed helping.

We ate some more.  Patrick did a little last minute shopping with Princess and Prankster.  At about 1:00 pm we all crashed and took naps. Because obviously being lazy and eating so much is hard work. We woke up at 3:30 pm and I hate to admit it, but were tempted to continue napping and skip church, which was at 4:30 pm.  But thankfully we didn’t because we were hugely (is that a word?) blessed by our Christmas Eve service.

Especially at the end when Pastor Kirk announced, “Well Angel and Caleb are ready to go…” Nice.  Thankfully I know he said it jokingly (right PK?) because they actually did quite well until the last song when they started dancing up a storm.  All kidding aside how amazing is it to sit in the sanctuary with the lights dimmed, candles lit and just take in the hymns of the faith. O Holy Night, it brings me to tears every single time. I love it. We are so blessed.

After church we went to Pat’s mom’s house and guess what. We ate some more! It was a simple meal, but perfect. We tried not to eat too much because we had our Christmas Eve dinner planned for later that night (oh yes we did).  Angel and Caleb and Grama Barb then opened their presents.   It was really nice not doing any other presents this year. We had so much fun just hanging out visiting, and of course being entertained by the monster babies.  The only not good part was Pat’s brother and his family weren’t able to come over.

Grama Barb with Princess and Angel

Caleb with our nephew Tony and his girlfriend Sarah

Angel with aunt Vicky and cousins Stephie and Krissy

Caleb reading to Prankster

All my kiddos!

The whole family

Patrick and his mom

Patrick with his mom and two sisters

Angel diva

Caleb showing his frog to big brother Prince

Around 7:30 pm we headed for home and got started on our official Christmas Eve dinner. Crab legs, asparagus, mashed potatoes, shrimp cocktail, clam strips. I think that’s it.  Unfortunately I forgot that our tradition included cheese fondue. I felt bad because I know Princess and Prankster were looking forward to it. I won’t forget it next year though and it was actually kind of a blessing because we didn’t even finish the crab legs because we were so full from gorging ourselves snacking all day.

Crab leg fight (I believe this might become a tradition too)

After our meal we opened presents. It didn’t take too long because we didn’t have much but it was alot of fun.  I love my grown-up kids because they were SO excited about their pair of socks and car freshener and razors.  Imagine their surprise when they found a little cash inside their gift.  Now I know for next year that I don’t even need to include the cash to make them happy!

It was probably 10:30 pm before the little ones settled down enough to go to sleep. And thankfully they slept well, which means we all slept well.  Which was a good thing because we still had 2 big days left in our Christmas weekend.

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