Month: December 2010

It’s catch up week

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Hold on to your hats people. I’m playing catch up this week. I hate to put so much pressure on myself but I am feeling very frustrated with the fact that I’m getting so far behind on significant events in the life of our family.

-Princess’s wedding

-Angel’s 3rd birthday

-Ange’s 3 year well baby checkup

-Caleb’s 2nd birthday

-Caleb’s 2 year well baby checkup (I guess that’s not til Wednesday but it’s still staying on the list!)

-Thanksgiving trip to Montana

My first gray hair

Well, thankfully I don’t have to blog about gray hair (yet). But I am bound and determined to get caught up with the other amazing, life-changing, exciting things that our family has experienced this year.  And lucky you, I’m taking you along for the ride.

Now if my husband decides to take me on a trip to Cancun this week (because it is our 8 year anniversary on Friday), well then my significant event catch up week will just have to be put on hold. But lucky you (again), I wouldn’t count on that happening.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post: The deer that didn’t get away (Thanksgiving part 2).

Love came down

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We watched The Nativity Story on the way to my parent’s house on Christmas Day. And I was mad. Because he made me drive.  I hate to drive. Even when he’s really tired from not sleeping and stressing about work I still hate to drive.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mary atop a donkey, with Joseph walking strong and tall despite bloody feet.  Through wind and rain and sand. A long journey. I thought about my less than 2 hour drive that I’d selfishly made miserable.

As tears stung my eyes I was so thankful that Love Came Down, because I so badly needed (and still do) a Savior.

Breath of Heaven

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