My weekend wasn’t totally ruined even though Angel called me crazy hair

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This was my first of many weekends to work but it wasn’t all too bad. Since I’m training I had to work the day shift, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm but the days went pretty fast.  I started taking phone calls yesterday (I’m a call rep for Ask a Nurse) and I think I’m going to really love my new job. It’s so interesting and while we don’t really take alot of calls, compared to what I’m used to, the calls are challenging and there’s alot to learn.  I have to work 40 hours this week, about 30 next week but then after that I’ll be on my normal schedule rotation only working 20 hours. I can’t wait.

I realize Thursday wasn’t part of the weekend but I had both Thursday and Friday off so it was kinda one big long weekend. Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting a bloggy buddy. We’ve been blog friends for a few years. I think it was at least a year ago that she made the connection that we live in the same town. We’ve been emailing every since talking about planning a coffee date.  In fact, I’m sorry to say it’s probably been about 2 years since we’ve been trying to do that. Well then after Caleb was born I went a little psycho and unfortunately we kinda lost track of each other.  The other day I was reading my old posts about Caleb being born and I saw all these comments from her! I emailed and she emailed right back and it was like no time had past.  So on Thursday we were able to finally meet in person and have our first play date.  I wasn’t weird at all, which I think we were both probably worried about! Our kiddos enjoyed playing together and we enjoyed visiting and I can’t wait for our next play date!

Friday Angel had school in the morning and Caleb and I walked around Target working on my price comparison book. This is something Owlhaven recommends – making a book of common items that you buy and finding out what the prices are at all of the main stores.  I’ve been meaning to do that for quite some time and I’m excited to finally be getting started on it.

Friday afternoon I got it in my head to move the kids’ bedroom downstairs. We only have 2 bedrooms upstairs and so we have our “office” in our dining room. Plus boxes and papers and files in Princess’s old bedroom. It’s about enough to drive me mad. I feel so unorganized so I decided that I think the kiddos are ready to sleep downstairs.  I first asked Angel and she was so excited. Then we called Daddy and he was ok with it too. So Friday afternoon and night we got all the stuff (everything you could possibly imagine – I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture) out of Princess’s bedroom and moved their beds and some toys down. I didn’t want to move everything upstairs and get the “office/playroom” set up or get their new bedroom set up completely until I knew they’d be ok. So Friday night they slept all night and last night they slept all night.  I didn’t want them to be down their with the gate closed, so we put them to bed and then after they fall alseep we go back down and open the gate.  So far it’s been working ok and they just come upstairs when they wake up in the morning.

So today after I got home from work we did the switcharoo with everything. Our “office/playroom” is also going to be our “school room”. So we have alot of books, their puzzles, playdoh, crafts, colors, markers, paper, etc in there. They each got a cute little desk from Aunt Nellie for Christmas so that is in there along with a small table.  Then we have our two desks that have our computer and the 8 years of junk and papers we’ve accumulated (that’s going to take me another 8 years to sort through).  I still have alot of work to do but we are making progress.  But I actually have a dining room now with just a dining room table. No computer or desk or stacks and stacks of papers. It’s the simple things in life.

That’s been most of our weekend.  A few other highlights include:

~Splurging and buying chips and sour cream and onion dip. It’s been probably a year since we’ve indulged and boy was that tasty.  I know my life is pathetic when chips and dip is a highlight of our weekend.

~Potty training. A tiny bit of success. We tried the plastic pants over the underwear route on Friday and Angel did pretty good. She had a few accidents but actually went potty in the toilet a couple times so that was awesome. It was the first time that has happened in a long time (at least at our house – she does better at Grandma Barb’s).  So G Barb is going to work on it more this week since I have to work extra hours and we’ll just keep plugging away.

~Sorting through boxes and totes finding pictures from high school and elementary school.  Angel said about my sophomore picture, “Wow mom you’ve got crazy hair.”  Pat saying about my freshman picture, “You can burn that one.”

~Me practicing my scripture memory verse after hearing Pat say to burn my freshman picture (even though he said he was kidding).   Especially this part, “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love...”  (Grrr)  Maybe someday I’ll show you those pictures. Or not.

~Pat quoting this cartoon. ALL. DAY. LONG.  He thought this one was especially funny.  Whatever.

~Soup. Lots and lots of soup. Just your good ol’ tomato soup and grilled cheese for supper on Saturday night. Tortilla soup and cheese quesadillas for supper tonight.  Yum.

Well for some reason my baby girl is struggling to go to bed tonight. She’s been crying for a few minutes now and I just heard her say, “Caleb, I want my mommy.” And Caleb said, “Ya.”  That warrants breaking our new sleep rules and going in to give hugs.

Hope your weekend was full of great memories. Have a good night!



One thought on “My weekend wasn’t totally ruined even though Angel called me crazy hair

    Jenny said:
    January 10, 2011 at 9:09 am

    Hahaha! That Pearls before Swine clip is cracking me up! And reading this reminds me I need to send you an email…

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