I don’t think my husband realizes the thanks he owes you

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Because without you blog, I’d be spewing out this worthless information to him.

On the other hand maybe this blog is the reason we struggle with communication.  I don’t really need to share everything with him because I’ve already done it here.  Or maybe we just struggle with communication because we’re married. I know that’s unheard of but for some reason we haven’t mastered it yet.

So anyway, you’re welcome. Or I’m sorry. Whichever applies.

~I love love love our new bedtime routine. It’s been probably 2 weeks now and the kids are loving it too. If we forget a part they will remind us. Angel’s favorite part is talking about our favorite part of the day. Tonight she asked us before we had a chance to ask her.  She always has something pretty funny to share. Caleb always says, “Papa.” I’m not sure he understands the question.

Caleb’s favorite part of bedtime is the “Papa song”. (Notice a theme, here?) It’s the song Hush Little Baby. I learned it from my mom singing it and always sang it with “Mama”. One night I couldn’t get Caleb to settle down and so I sang it with “Papa” and every since we have to sing it every night.

~Angel got a fat lip tonight. She was running around playing with this little decoration piece I have, tripped and landed on it. She kept saying, “I don’t like my fat lip.”

~I’ve been a stair walking maniac at work. I park on ground level and the skywalk is on 5 so I’ve been walking the stairs to 5th level and then walking down at the end of the day.  I have to brag about this because it’s the extent of my exercise lately.

~My sister-in-law Leana comes home tomorrow! She’s been in South Africa for a month visiting her family. We can’t wait to see her!

~Pat’s friend gave him some oldies music from my high school graduating year (1992) and his graduating high school year (1986). I mentioned that he was 6 years old than me and kinda robbing the cradle. He then said that when he graduated from high school I was in 6th grade.  And he thought that was gross.

~The kids are in a phase (it’s a phase, right?) where they want us to watch everything they do.  They love to run from the living room, through the dining room and into the kitchen and back. As fast as they can. They’ve been doing this from the day they could walk but for some reason they’ve just decided that it’s necessary for us to watch them run these laps.

Angel and Caleb: MAMA MAMA MAMA. Watch.

Mommy watches and Angel and Caleb run across the room.

Mommy: That’s awesome!

Angel and Caleb: MAMA MAMA MAMA. Watch.

Mommy watches and Angel and Caleb run across the room.

Mommy: That’s awesome!

Angel and Caleb: MAMA MAMA MAMA. Watch.

Mommy watches and Angel and Caleb run across the room.

Mommy: That’s awesome!

Angel and Caleb: MAMA MAMA MAMA. Watch.

Mommy watches and Angel and Caleb run across the room.

Mommy: That’s awesome!

(I could at least think of something new to say each time, don’t you think?)

So anyway, I have to remind myself that this is a phase. And even though it’s exhausting watching them run across the room 34 times or make a funny noise over and over and over, in a few years they won’t want me to even look at them for a second, let alone watch anything they do.  So I’m going to keep watching and keep pretending telling them whatever they are doing is the coolest thing.

~Did you watch this movie? What did you think?

~The other day when I met my bloggy friend for our play date I did take a picture of the kids playing dress up. I know I’m a little biased but aren’t they the cutest?

~My girls. I love them.

~I never did give you an update on our anniversary date.  This was us before. When all was still right with the world.  I didn’t wear the pink dress because I needed to wear boots because of a blizzard that night and the boots didn’t really go with the pink dress. Thanks to our fabulous niece I had a few other dresses to pick from.

(Notice the hot wheel. That’s funny.)

The first part of our date was good. We went out to eat at a fancy restaurant we’ve never been to before. You would have been impressed, we actually talked about things other than the kiddos.

Then the big surprise was that we were going to go dancing. At the Shriners. Since I was in high school I’ve dreamed of being a Shriner.  My best friend Brenda and I would pretend to drive their little cars in circles. That’s not why I decided to go to their New Years’ Eve party. Just thought I’d throw that in.

Anyway they were having a big dance with a full orchestra and ball room dancing. I thought it would be perfect since we had so much fun when we went dancing awhile back.

Obviously after 8 years of marriage I still don’t know my spouse very well. I don’t want to throw him under the bus so how ’bout a small car. Basically he refused to dance. Well he said he couldn’t remember. I would have been happy with any sort of dancing but unfortunately there were some pretty good dancers there and I think it kinda psyched him out. So we sat there for an hour and did attempt one dance but then left after that. We were home by 10 pm and I’m pretty sure I went straight to bed. Because after 8 years of marriage that’s still what I do.

The good news? I get a make-up date. Or so he says. Hopefully that doesn’t mean dancing to his 1986 music. Although I guess that’s what I get for marrying someone so old. (just kidding Patrick)

~After getting 8 inches of snow the past two days I’m so very thankful for…. a garage, a reliable vehicle, our home, heat, gloves, boots, snowmen, snow plows, snow blowers, husbands who snow blow the driveway…

Spring that is just around the corner. Right?



One thought on “I don’t think my husband realizes the thanks he owes you

    sincerelyanna said:
    January 11, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    I laughed out loud when I read the first line. I think I can sorta relate to that one 😉 Love looking at pics of your kids, they’re so adorable. Mini is in a phase right now of “Mommy, I want to show you something.” It’s always urgent. So exhausting!

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