When Mama’s away the kids destroy everything and go to bed naked

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Thursday was my first night working the “night shift”. I’ll be working 4 pm – 12:30 am but since it’s 20 hours a week, it’ll only be 5 shifts every 2 weeks. Which I figured wouldn’t be too big of a deal.

I got home abut 12:45 am and thought I’d peak in on the kids before heading to bed. As I got downstairs I turned into the family room to see the floor covered in wipes. An entire package of baby wipes thrown all over the floor. I could see the doorway to the kids’ bedroom from the stairs and noticed the light was on. Oh dear. What else would I find?

I wish I would have taken a picture. Because I’m sure my kids will never do anything like this again. (Ha ha).

The first thing I see is a complete disaster. Clothes, books and toys scattered all over the bedroom. It was ridiculous.  It didn’t take me too long to realize something unusual about Caleb.  For some reason he was not wearing pj’s or a diaper. He was sound asleep in his bed and naked.  He’s in the strip-down-to-nothing phase but he’s never done it before bedtime.

I take that back. He has, but usually there’s an adult that checks on the kids to make sure they’ve fallen asleep (clothed and all).  In addition to seeing my 2 year-old naked in his bed, I smelled urine.  I assumed it was coming from naked boy, but upon further inspection I discovered that Angel had soaked through her pull-up and was all wet too.

I was about 2 seconds away from going up to wake up my darling husband and yell at him request that he help clean up the mess. But then I realized the kids should clean up the mess. And I could almost guarantee you that was he planning to check on them before bedtime, but probably fell asleep watching tv. I figured I should cut him some slack.

I got the kids changed and while Angel did wake up she was back to sleep in no time.  I headed upstairs to bed and again I was tempted to wake up Patrick to get the whole story but decided it could just wait.

Friday morning Angel had preschool and Caleb and I got groceries and ran errands. I completely forgot about the mess until we went to Daddy’s work for lunch. I mentioned to him what I found when I came home from work and he laughed and laughed.   He then told me that he saw the mess before bedtime.


He thought it was pretty funny.  I guess he put them to bed and came upstairs.  After awhile he and Angel had this conversation:

Angel: Daddy there’s a really big mess.

Daddy: Go to bed Angel.

Angel: Daddy there’s  a really big mess.

Daddy: Go to bed Angel.


Daddy: I KNOW! Go to bed!

At the time he didn’t know what the mess was but was probably playing xbox and didn’t want to worry about it at that moment.

After the kids fell asleep he did go downstairs. He saw the mess. And WALKED RIGHT BACK UPSTAIRS.  I guess he had good reason. He wanted the kids to clean it up.  He must not have actually looked into the bedroom otherwise he would have seen that his son was naked.

As we talked about it over lunch he couldn’t stop laughing. I’m not sure what was so funny. While I told myself he was laughing about the whole situation, I’m led to believe that he was actually laughing at me and what I had the pleasure of coming home to.

Friday night I worked the night shift again and I was a little fearful of what I’d come home to. Thankfully the kids were sleeping, fully dressed, lights out and their room was somewhat in order.  As I walked back upstairs I began to think that maybe Thursday night’s adventure was just a fluke, and me working the night shift would work out just fine.

Then I opened the fridge to find that Pat someone had eaten all the salsa.  I’m not sure I can take much more.


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