I’m not sure the world is ready for my purple hair

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(Edited to add: I just re-read my post and I realized that a portion of the story about me coloring my hair got cut out so you are probably wondering what does purple hair have to do with anything! Well I just added it back in!)

~We arrived at my parent’s house today around noon after a horrible drive. The last hour the roads were snow/ice packed and Angel and Caleb decided to not be happy travelers. It was fun. Not.  And then I got stuck just as I got to my parent’s driveway. Grrr.  But we finally made it and have done nothing all day which is so nice.  We are excited for tomorrow because it’s suppose to be nice and we’re hoping to get outside and go sledding!

~I’m pretty sure I’m responsible for product development on Facebook. When the new layout came out I was very annoyed with the 5 pictures on my profile page. Basically the last 5 pictures that you’ve been tagged in are what shows up. In order to get rid of them and display different pictures you had to go through all these steps.  So I emailed Facebook and told them it was stupid (oops, sorry, we’re not suppose to say that word, says Angel) and that it needs to be more user friendly to change pictures.

Well a few nights ago I got onto Facebook and wouldn’t you know it but now you can just x to delete a picture.

Ok, maybe I missed the little x when the new layout came out. I’ll just keep telling myself I’m part of the Facebook team. The part that doesn’t get paid that is.

~The adventures of my family continue while I’m working the night shift. Saturday night I called home on my supper break to find out that Caleb had fallen down the stairs (an entire flight of stairs).  Pat was doing the dishes and heard Angel start screaming, “DADDY CALEB IS IN TROUBLE!” Thankfully he wasn’t hurt too bad other than a little bump on his head.

And then a little bit later Angel dropped something on her toe and caused it to bleed.  Pat went to look at it and Angel was crying, screaming and said, “IT’S BLEEEEEEEDDDDING! DON’T TOUCH IT!”

When I got home I went in to kiss them and make sure they were dressed and that there wasn’t an entire package of baby wipes all over the floor covered up and Angel woke up. She was completely alseep but had to jump out of bed, turn the light on and show me her owie on her toe.

She might be a tad bit of a drama queen.

~Caleb and Angel’s new thing is to karate chop us. Caleb is really good at it. He’ll do like a sumo wrestling pose and then karate chop away. The other night at supper he started doing it and we were talking about where they’d seen it at. Pat asked Angel and she said, “Dino Dan.”

Oh ya. There’s a show on NickJr called Dino Dan and 80% of the time we’ve watched it it’s been the same episode where the family has been practicing their karate moves.

~I felt very domesticated on Saturday. Our local grocery store had chicken legs/thighs on sale for $.38 a pound so I bought about 10 pounds worth. Per Owlhaven’s instruction in her book, I cooked them up in the crock pot. And then went to work and left Pat to take all the meat off the bone.  (So I guess Pat is the domesticated one.) Now we have lots of chicken that I froze for a lazy rainy day and also lots of yummy chicken broth.

~I’m also feeling pretty good about the state of our pantry. I didn’t realize it, but I guess I’ve been stockpiling, because the pantry, it is full.  The last two months I’ve been able to keep our grocery bill probably around $250 because we are just using our pantry and I’m only buying staple items like bread, milk, fruit and veggies or things that are really on sale.

~Angel wants nothing to do with her mama aging gracefully. We had this conversation on the way home from church:

Me: When I turn gray should I color my hair or just let it go?

Pat: Just let it go baby.

Me: Angel what do you think?

Angel: Mom, you should color your hair.

Pat: I think mommy would look good with purple hair!

Angel: Ya! Purple!

Pat: And you can color your hair purple too Angel.

Angel: Daddy! (exasperated) I have red hair.

Pat: I know sweetie. And you’re beautiful.

~Here is Angel and Caleb signing “Singing Songs”, the song we sing every night at bedtime. Plus a bonus from Angel:


2 thoughts on “I’m not sure the world is ready for my purple hair

    learningpatience said:
    January 25, 2011 at 11:54 am

    I love that he told her she was beautiful when she told him that she has red hair!

    Roberta Clemens said:
    January 25, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    Loved the video! How cute ! I can remember when a lot of the older ladies dyed their hair purple !

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