Dear Daddy

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We’re having lots of fun at Grandma and Papa’s house!  We especially enjoy destroying their house. It’s kinda funny because mommy will pick up all the toys and then we’ll dump them all out again. When will she ever learn?

Caleb and I are having lots of fun wearing the dress up shoes. You should see Caleb prance around in those things! Grandma also found a princess dress for me and I look so beautiful!

Today we went downtown and walked around because it was so nice out. We stopped at the Thrift Store and got some new clothes for my new baby Rachel. Rachel is a Cabbage Patch Kid that used to be mommy’s and Aunt Nellie’s when they were little. Grandma Susie said I could have it now.  Mommy also bought me some pretty dresses but she spent most of the time chasing Caleb around the store.  After the Thrift Store we stopped at another store where Leana works. Mommy bought a pair of pants but for some reason she told me not to tell you. I’m not sure why. After that we stopped at a bakery/cafe and had lunch. Mommy also said I shouldn’t tell you that we had a humongous peanut butter dessert. It was really yummy.

After our trip downtown Mommy made us take naps. After Caleb fell asleep me and Mommy cuddled in the chair and we both fell asleep. It was pretty awesome!  We finally got to go outside after naps.  But the wind had picked up so it was really cold. Caleb and I went sledding and it was so much fun!

After sledding we went and saw Gracie and Buck. I sat on Buck and Gracie but Caleb was being a big chicken and he just wanted to sit in the car with Nellie.  It’s always so much fun to see the horsies!

And guess what?! Mommy rode Gracie!! She was so brave and said something about someone taking a picture otherwise Daddy won’t believe she rode Gracie.

It started to get pretty cold so we went back to the house but then Caleb and Nellie had to go sledding one more time.

When we went back into the house Nellie and I had a tea party with Rachel. Mommy had bought me a new tea set at the Thrift Store. We had so much fun having tea.

Mommy, Nellie and Aunt Leana made supper tonight and it was so yummy. We prayed for you at supper because we miss you so much Daddy!   Papa loves horses so much and so now everyone is watching the movie Secretariat but me and Caleb keep getting shushed like we’re being too loud or something.

We hope you are getting lots of work done and we can’t wait to see you tomorrow!  We love you!

Angel (and Caleb)


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