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I don’t want to move through life so fast that I miss it. The indescribable.

Nothing of course, comes close to the indescribable love of Jesus. The freedom that’s found only through Him. Hope for today. Peace that passes all understanding. A love so great that it overflows into all I do, say, am. (Or it should anyway.)

But when I slow down, when I open my eyes and take in each moment, I’ve been blessed with so much more. The love of Jesus would be enough. But He gives more. Moments that are indescribable…

…a beautiful bright orange sunrise

…big tight squeezes from babies

…a shoulder rub and whispers of I love you

…friends who care and love and understand, even when the worst is revealed


…nap time cuddling with babies

…swinging in the back yard

…stars that shine bright

…the sound of babies saying “mama”

…snowmen in the front yard

…the gentle fall of snowflakes

…chocolate cake with a glass of milk

…the intimacy of husband and wife

…the blessing of 5 children, still unbelievable after so many years

I want to soak it all in. I’m in awe of my Savior. Every day I marvel at His greatness. His love, mercy and faithfulness.  I don’t want to miss a moment, even a small one.  Because it’s all from Him.  And it’s indescribable.


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