And just like that I’m folding toddler underwear

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I realize you are probably getting tired of potty training stories, but hey, that’s my life lately and it’s all I know.

As I folded the 10th pair of Dora, Minnie Mouse, Diego and Cars underwear on Friday I could not believe that that was in fact what I was doing and that they belonged to my children.  How is it that three years has gone by and both my babies are almost potty trained?  How is it possible that my baby girl daily reminds me that she’s a big girl now and that she’s old enough to wear makeup. How is it possible that my baby boy says “ME ME ME” a hundred times a day because he thinks he can do anything and everything by himself?  How in the world did time go by so quickly and can’t it slow down just a bit?

Don’t get me wrong folks. I’m SO thankful to be done with diapers.  But being done with diapers just causes that battle to rage of wanting your babies to grow up but not wanting them to grow up.

Both kids are doing great with potty training. We actually were out and about on Saturday and at church this morning with both kids in undies and no accidents! Woo hoo!  Caleb thinks he’s hot stuff because he now stands up when he goes to the bathroom, because of course he needs to be like daddy. For some reason I didn’t think he’d be standing up for awhile and it makes me sad that he’s getting all grown up.

Ok, enough talk about potty training and my mommy roller coaster emotions.

Perhaps you are still stuck on the sentence above about Angel telling me she’s old enough to wear makeup. Yes. Yes she is 3 going on 13.  She’s all about telling us what a big girl she is.  Just this morning at church we were hanging out by a set of stairs. I told her to be careful and she said, “Mommy I’m a big girl and I don’t fall down anymore.”  Oh, how I wish that were true.

So anyway, I”ll let her “play” with a few things out of my makeup when I’m getting ready and Aunt Nellie does the same. But she had gotten a little girl makeup thing for her birthday from her Aunt Nellie (who might just spoil her rotten) and we won’t let her play with it yet.  We were in the van the other night on our way home from somewhere and she declared that she was going to play with her makeup when we got home.  Thus began the conversation discussion argument about whether or not she was big enough to wear makeup.  I would tell her that she’s not big enough to wear makeup unless she’s helping Mommy or Aunt Nellie and she would say, “Mommy! I am a big girl!”  And I would have to agree that yes, she was a big girl, but that she wasn’t big enough yet to wear makeup.  And round and round we went. 

I think she was just overly tired which was why she got so upset about it (seriously, isn’t this suppose to happen in like 10 years instead of now?), because she does understand that she’s not big enough to get her ears pierced yet.  At least once a week she’ll remind me that when she’s bigger she’ll get to get her ears pierced.  I don’t remember exactly how the conversation ended but I think it finally came down to me having to tell her we weren’t going to talk about it anymore and she saying, “I want my Daddy,” which usually happens when Mommy’s being a meany.

(For those of you who think I’m a wacko, we know it’s just play makeup and there’s nothing really wrong with it but we also feel there’s nothing really wrong with making her wait for a little bit.)

In other news the Lord must think I need some help in the patience department because He’s certainly giving me opportunities to practice it. As I mentioned Caleb is SO independent. So much more than Angel was. He needs to do everything by himself, but of course he can’t and so eventually he gives in and lets us do it. It’s just that whole waiting until he gives in that drives me bonkers. 

Unfortunately that whole indepenent thing also brings huge fear for us. We thought we were past it, but on Friday Caleb ran out into the street again. As in running away from me into the middle of street and why not take a right and head down the middle of the street too.  And it’s not because I was chasing him. If we don’t chase him, he just keeps right on running. So we have to chase him, well, because it’s the street. And the little stinker is so fast. He also runs away from us when we’re at the store or church. Just like that he’s gone.  Twice now in the past few months he’s run away at church and we haven’t been able to find him for at least 5 minutes (which seemed like 50). 

Anyone else have any experience with this? We’ve tried everything and I was hoping it was just a phase and I’m sure it is but it’s a rather long phase that I’d love to be done with. He hates being carried and he’s also too heavy to be carried everywhere so I’m not sure how to dissuade him from bolting every chance he gets.

God also might be trying to give me a little practice in the area of letting go of control.  Me? A control freak? Come on, right.  Well anyway, Caleb’s favorite pair of shoes are his church shoes. They are these little brown docker type shoes and his feet are so fat that they barely fit him. But every single time it’s time to get shoes on he runs and get those. And usually we tell him no and to get his tennis shoes (unless it’s Sunday morning).  I’m not sure why I’m so particular about these shoes, I guess because they look so uncomfortable. But in the scheme of things does it really matter?  Well it usually turns into a battle and I’m trying to do a better job of picking my battles.

So the other day I actually got a little motivation and decided to do Jillian. The kids love doing it with me (Angel can seriously last almost the entire time) and they both wanted to put shoes on since Mommy had shoes on. Caleb of course runs to get his brown dress shoes and I tell him that he can’t wear those to work out.  The battle briefly started and then I decided that I don’t really care what he wants to wear when he works out.

Is there something wrong with that last statement? A 2 year old working out?

Well anyway, obviously I no longer care what he wears…

Speaking of shoes, the past few days Angel has been adament about wearing shoes all the time. Shoes in the house are fine with me but normally we’re just bare feet people. I finally asked her why she wanted to wear shoes all the time and she said, “Mommy there’s garbage all over the floor.”

Ouch. I guess my cutback of computer time hasn’t helped out in the house cleaning area.  Well you have a great week! You can find me at home sweeping the floor.  


2 thoughts on “And just like that I’m folding toddler underwear

    Jenny said:
    February 7, 2011 at 7:03 am

    Hmm, me thinks dear little Caleb needs a harness! They have cute little doggie ones at WMart. People have lots of opinions about them, but here’s the thing – for a runner, it keeps them safe.

    And you are right, dear friend. Choose those battles. Shoes are not a battle. Josh knows that when there is snow (and hello, there’s um, a bit of snow here…) then certain shoes are not an option. Otherwise, sure, wear whatever you want. To church included.

    And it might be just me, but those cars underpants are way big. Josh is still wearing his original sz 2s. But he’s small anyways. And your Angel stories – I am most certainly a mama to boys. She certainly keeps you in check, doesn’t she?

    And thanks for the books!! I had forgotten about them until they showed up!

      Missy responded:
      February 8, 2011 at 8:13 pm

      The harness is a good idea, I actually forgot about those things. And you’re right his cars undies are too big. But that’s another battle I’ve chose not to fight. I made the mistake of showing them to him one day and of course he thinks he needs to wear those. 🙂

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