Confession: I napped alot this week

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I can’t believe it’s already Friday. Time flies when you’re sleeping having fun.

I worked Tuesday night but was sent home early, about 10:15 pm, because I didn’t feel good. I was feeling icky most of the day and the level of activity by mommy for most of the day proved it.  I decided to tough it out and go to work and at about 8:00 pm I thought for sure I was having a heart attack because I was having horrible stomach pains/indigestion/heartburn and pain in my shoulder and arm.

I don’t know for sure what the stomach pain was from but I’m sure the indigestion/heartburn was from eating crummy and the pain in my shoulder/arm was from something I did to my neck or back.  I feel like I’m about 100 years old. I think part of it is from carrying around my little football player all day long. He loves having mommy home but he thinks that means I can carry him all the time.  I can’t wait for the weather to start getting nicer so I can start running more and hopefully that will help. I also can’t wait for March 1st because that’s when my insurance starts and I can go to the chiropractor.

So anyway Wednesday morning I still wasn’t feeling the best and so we pretty much did nothing other than cuddle on the couch and watch Diego and Boz over and over.  I brought the kids to Grandma Barb’s Wednesday afternoon so I could run around town and get groceries, craft supplies and other stuff we probably could live without. 

Thursday was the day we had been looking forward to all week. It was our pre-Valentine’s Day Play Date. We (me and Angel) had invited some friends over to play, make crafts and eat snacks for a few hours Thursday morning. There were 5 moms plus me and I think 8 kids.  It was alot of fun to have some time with other mommies and Angel and Caleb had so much fun. Angel kept saying all morning, “When my girls get here I’m going to show them my toys.”

After we played for awhile we had our snack. We made cookies and this yummy popcorn snack. We also had carrots and cheese so that I wouldn’t feel bad about loading my friends’ kids up with sugar because we are healthy like that.  After snacks we played some more and a few of the kids did crafts. Our plan was to do these flowers and these bumble bee valentines but we only had time to do the flowers.

After our play date and lunch it was nap time. Imagine that.  Although I wouldn’t call what Angel does napping. She is pretty much done with naps most days. I would say 1-2 days a week she might still nap. She definitely doesn’t nap when I’m tired or not feeling good.  I’ve been trying to make her sit down and “rest” but even that is a challenge for her. So Thursday I put on a movie and might have dozed in and out a few times but thankfully she seemed to enjoy the movie and we all got a good rest in.

The kids are all about helping and while I know it’s good to get them involved and help make supper, sometimes its downright impossible. Ya know, because of those things called a hot stove and knives.  As I mentioned a while back the Lord’s been working on me when it comes to patience and especially being the mom of two very strong-willed toddlers I need to lighten up a bit. So I’ve been having them sit at the counter and moving as much stuff to the counter when I make supper so they can help.

Thursday night we had Tilapia. I put the fish in the pan and then put sliced onions and lemons in bowls. I gave the bowls to the kiddos and they spread them on top of the fish. Then I got really brave and gave them the salt and pepper. Who knew that when I let go of my need to control everything,  things actually turn out just fine.

I realized a few days ago, as I ate the 14th cookie for the day, that I might be creating some bad habits and setting myself up to fail or at least be really miserable when it comes to this stay at home mommy stuff.  Now that the computer isn’t sucking up all my time, I’ve found myself with, well, time. And it’s easy for me, if I don’t have a plan, to just eat and do nothing too spectacular all day. Thus all the napping.  And without being on Facebook all the time I’m been feeling really disconnected even though being on Facebook doesn’t really make me connected.  So this weekend I’m going to work on my plan for the week – food, play time, crafts, tv time, clean time, some time to connect with friends, etc and while I know I’ll need to be flexible I’m hoping it’ll help me feel more productive and make healthier choices for all of us.

But before I work on my plan for next week I’m hoping Pat will let me sleep in tomorrow morning.  Because I obviously didn’t get enough sleep this week.

Enjoy your weekend!


3 thoughts on “Confession: I napped alot this week

    Holly said:
    February 11, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    Haha reading this post has made ME want to go and take a nap too!

    Jean Hofer said:
    February 12, 2011 at 11:54 am

    This is a nice treat * I use puff corn to make it more “healthy”. For an 8 oz bag of puff corn (Dutch something) I use six squares of almond bark. It makes about an ice cream bucket full. Depending on how much I eat as it is cooling! Love and hugs, Jean and Jerry

      Missy responded:
      February 12, 2011 at 12:25 pm

      Thanks Jean! And thanks for leaving a comment. I seriously think of you all the time and hope all is well! Love you!

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