Weekend wrap up

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It was a pretty low-key weekend. One, because of the weather but two, because the kids were battling colds and coughs (and still are unfortunately).

Friday my mom and sister-in-law were here because they had come Thursday for the Chris Tomlin concert (which was amazing!).  So they played with the babies Friday morning so I could go meet a good friend for breakfast. My friend Kris has been a mentor to me for a few years now (I have a few of those in my life and I’m SO thankful for them). I’ve been really overwhelmed with life lately and the thing about Kris is that she just lets me talk and talk and talk and is such a good listener.  I feel kinda bad every time because I go away feeling like she didn’t get a chance to talk but she wouldn’t have it any other way.  We enjoyed muffins and great conversation and I was so encouraged.

Angel and Caleb love having someone other than mommy to play with. I think they are getting a little sick of mommy. So we broke out the fancy dishes and they enjoyed a tea party!

Mom and Leana left around noon and so for the rest of the day we didn’t do too much. As I said both kids are still battling coughs and colds. We did go outside for a little bit on Friday but the wind was so cold we didn’t last long.  Have I mentioned we are anxious for Spring?

My darling husband is leaving us tomorrow to go on a business trip but thankfully my mom is coming to help out while he’s gone.  Well he needed a few pairs of dress pants for the trip (since he’s so skinny now) and so Friday night we ate a quick supper at home and then headed out to do a little shopping.  It wasn’t such a good idea with two sick, crabby kids. We only made it to Target and he wasn’t able to find anything so we went home.

See, I told you. Riveting stuff here.

This was the first weekend in a very long time that neither of us had to work and we had absolutely nothing going on. Well, besides two sick kids.  We decided on Saturday morning though that we’d venture out at least for a little bit. Well first Caleb and I went to the store to pick up a few groceries and we may have bought donuts. After our healthy breakfast we headed out for the Butterfly House. A few weeks ago we decided to buy a family membership and it’s been such a blessing already. It’s a perfect place to go when it’s cold outside and even when it’s not cold outside it’s alot of fun.

Angel didn’t last too long because she was getting tired and cranky. After the Butterfly House we stopped at a consignment shop so Pat would maybe find some clothes for his trip. And sure enough he did!  I know our life is lame when that was probably the most exciting part of our weekend!

I think for the rest of the day Saturday we did nothing but cuddle and watch movies.

Sunday morning we got a bad storm which meant all but the 11:00 am church service was cancelled. I hadn’t been to church in a few weeks and so I was really wanting to go. But the 11:00 is a hard service for us with the kids because they are so tired by then and unfortunately because they still had colds we didn’t want them to go to the nursery.  We battled it out though (I’m sure if you listen to PK’s sermon online you’ll hear them) and I probably didn’t hear two words of the sermon. But the time of music and worship was pretty amazing and it was just a blessing to be in the House of God.

The rest of the day Sunday we did a little cleaning and laundry but otherwise it was kinda the same as Saturday, being lazy helping the kids rest and watching alot of movies.  We did get a little ambitious at one point and made peanut butter cookies for Daddy. Ok, maybe for us too.

Angel also got ahold of the camera and had some fun…

Daddy getting a suitcase for his trip.

Mommy (looking awfully tired.)

Caleb getting busted in the garbage.

And I guess that’s a wrap folks. It was a good, relaxing weekend and now we are just praying the kiddos can finally get past their colds and get back to their healthy happy selves!

Last night as I was putting the kids to bed I prayed for Daddy and his upcoming trip. That led to Angel completely freaking out about Daddy leaving and why and when and why and why and why.  Oh dear. I think it’s going to be a long week!

Well enjoy your Monday!

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