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The master little rascal

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Caleb is 2 years and 3 months old.  He’s our little cute monster man. It’s so fun to see his personality grow and change as he slowly turns into a little boy.  If I’m completely truthful, it’s also exhausting.

He seems to be as weird as he is cute.  I hope he doesn’t look back on this when he’s 16 and get mad at me for calling him weird. But it’s true. That boy is just plain weird.  He’s still very much a mama’s boy but more and more only when he’s hurt or upset. He still loves to cuddle and he is the best cuddler. He gets himself into a little ball and snuggles up into your neck and oh my word it’s heaven.  But then the next minute he punches you in the face or tries to body slam you.  See? Weird.

Caleb loves dinosaurs and lions and big trucks and airplanes. I’ve mentioned before his favorite tv show is Dino Dan. What’s funny is that he thinks the dinosaur’s name is Dan. He doesn’t get that it’s the kid whose name is Dan. He has a dinosaur t-shirt and my sister asked him what that was. He said, “Dan.”  He’s not so much in love with Diego anymore because it’s all about the dinosaur’s lately. (Or so I thought but as you’ll see in the video he’s still in love with Diego.)

He loves to help daddy in the garage or in the house fix things. He’ll pretend to fix things all the time. He’ll say, “Mama, broke,” and then show me that he’s fixing it.  It’s so awesome to see him and Pat play or work together. Pat lost his dad when he was little and so I pray daily that Caleb will be blessed to have his daddy around for many more years.

Caleb is all about the fight. He still does his little karate chop thing and his sumo wrestling stance thing.  Weird.  He loves to wrestle and he will seriously punch daddy in the face and pull hair and he thinks it’s all in the name of fun.  I’ve stopped letting him pounce on me because he’s caused some major pain.  Poor Angel is traumatized by him. As soon as she sees him coming for her (just to play) she’ll go screaming, running away from him. I try to explain to her that her running away screaming only makes him chase her more but she doesn’t understand.

As far as eating goes, he’s weird about that too. One day he’ll eat enough food for 3 grown men. The next day he won’t eat a thing.  He’s obsessed with french fries, hot dogs and mac-n-cheese but I think he just thinks it’s funny to say “FRENCH FRIES” and “HOT DOG” and “CHEESE” every time we ask what they are hungry for.  I think he still has an egg allergy but his skin has been so much better we’ve wondered if he’s outgrown it. But a couple times he’s had a little breakout in the past month or so.  I don’t know that he has a favorite food. He definitely loves ice cream. He likes fruit, noodles and he’s got quite a sweet tooth. He eats most everything we make and I know could be alot pickier so we’re thankful for that.

He speech grows daily. It’s so fun to hear him say more and more words. A few funny things lately is that he says, “Otay,” just like on the Little Rascals.  And he draws it out, “Ohhh TAY!”  I think he knows he’s funny so he says it all the time.  Unfortunately he can’t pronounce “frog” or “fork” very well. If you know what I mean. (Yikes.)  He’s saying more and more two and three word sentences but he struggles alot with saying the first letter of words so we’ll see if he’ll need to do any speech therapy. I have no idea what’s “normal” and so we’ll just keep working with him.

I mentioned in an earlier post that he’s also started praying at supper time. Lately he’s been our official prayer. I need to try to get it recorded because it is the cutest thing ever. You know you’re having a good day when Caleb prays for you twice during his prayer (or maybe you’re having a bad day?)!

As cute as our little Bubba is he is such a challenge too. He’s about as sassy as his big sister is only he can be alot meaner. When he gets upset he kicks and screams and kicks some more. When he’s in time out he’ll slam his head against the wall.  He also is not doing well with sharing and when he wants something he will fight Angel or me or whoever until either he gets it or he gets sent to time out. It’s really fun right now (not) because he completely ignores us (me) too, just like Angel does.  Yesterday I finally made this ladder thing I read about somewhere. When they don’t listen or disobey you move their picture down the ladder. When they make good choices or are good helpers they get moved up the ladder. At the top of the ladder is a “surprise”  and at the bottom is a sad face.  Thankfully Angel is traumatized to think about getting to the sad face. Unfortunately Caleb could care less so we’re back to the drawing board for him.

He’s still wearing 2t but just barely. Alot of his pants hang on him like a gangster. He’s in 2t shirts and size 8 shoes. He has the fattest little feet and so even though there’s alot of room at the toes we have to go that big for them to fit and even then it’s a challenge to get them on.

Speaking of clothes, here’s our bubba boy in his favorite outfit (except usually he fights me about wearing a shirt too):

And an interview (if you can call it that):

She’s funny too

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(Talking about a recent doctor appointment.)

Angel: Mama did you get an owie?

Me: I had to get a shot so I got a little owie.

Angel: Was it a big owie?

Me: No, just a little owie.

Angel: Did you cry?

Me: No.

Angel: Did you laugh?

Me: No. (laughing)

Angel: Mom. You’re laughing.


One of the joys (horrors?) of motherhood is never getting to go to the bathroom by yourself. One day I was going to the bathroom and Angel and Caleb were in the bathroom with me.  Angel looked at me and said, “Mom, you’ve got a big butt.”


Tonight as we left church both kids were screaming.  Caleb wanted a drink and Angel was mad about something.  I said outloud to whoever was listening, “I’m off duty!”

Both kids instantly stopped crying.  I looked at Pat and we busted out laughing because lately that’s how it’s been. Perfect angels for daddy and not so perfect angels for mommy.  Daddy then declared that if they wanted anything they had to ask Daddy.

Angel: Mommy?

Daddy: Angel, ask Daddy.

Angel: Mommy?

Daddy. Angel! Ask Daddy.

Angel: Mommy?

Daddy: Angel.  What do you what?

Angel: Nothing.


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Our Angel girl is 3 1/2 and she is nothing but sassy lately.  Well actually, she’s alot of other things too but she’s been especially sassy so we’ll go with that.

(Angel being sassy with my brother Jim and sister-in-law Leana.)

Tonight as usual she was the last one at the supper table. She is the slowest eater in the history of the world but tonight she was there because she wouldn’t drink her milk. I was being especially stubborn about it and told her she couldn’t leave the table until she finished all of her milk.  After a few minutes of arguing with me she said, “Mom. You are so mean!”

I had to burst out laughing because if I wasn’t looking at her I’d think it was a 13 year old talking to me.  And then I told her in my own sassiness that she has no idea what mean is.  And then she laughed.

She’s been all about challenging us lately, or more so just completely ignoring us and getting into all sorts of trouble. It’s almost like she’s reverted back to being a curious 1 year old or something. She’s always wanting to touch or look or get into everything. And I know that’s good and normal and all but she was never ever like that as a baby and so it’s weird to see her in this stage.  And plus her not listening to us and not obeying is really frustrating because that’s really unlike her too.  I know I need to just chill out and pick my battles  but that’s usually easier said than done.

Some things she’s loving lately: reading, washing her hands 400 times a day, playing dress up, playing with her babies, going on walks, playing with Caleb, singing (“real” songs and her own made up ones), painting, and helping mom do anything.

Angel is growing so tall. That’s another reason we cannot wait for nice weather because most of her pants are too short but I refuse to buy a bunch more pants when we’re so close to wearing dresses, skirts and shorts. She’s in 3t-4t pants and 4t-5t shirts. She has a very long torso and so I always have to buy her shirts bigger.   She is doing really great on potty training but we’re still working on it during the night. I know I could just have her wear underwear and deal with messes for a few nights and she’d probably teach herself. But I just don’t want to deal with the messes. So we finally used up the last of our diapers and are officially in pull-ups. Which she thinks is pretty cool and I’m still not sure if I completely convinced her that the goal is underwear and that pull-ups are temporary.

We’re beginning to believe that Angel’s got some superhuman sense of smell. For the past month of so she’s all about smelling things.  Anywhere we go she’ll say, “Do you smell that?” It started with my sister a few weeks ago. I think they had went to use the restroom or something and Angel said, “Do you smell that? I smell purple.”  And usually it’s stuff that doesn’t really have a real strong smell.   One night Pat had eaten a chocolate chip cookie right before bedtime. As he tucked the kids in she said, “Dad, are you eating something?”  He said no. She said, “I smell chocolate chip cookies.”  There are many more examples, which of course I can’t think of right now.

Her hair still isn’t growing very fast but today I was able to get it into piggy tails (pony tails?). It was pretty cute. I put my hair in piggy tails too and even though that wasn’t so cute we took a picture of our hair do.

There’s alot of stuff with Angel’s personality that I think are related to her being adopted. I think. Maybe not. That’s the hardest part in that you’re always second guessing and worried… is it “normal”? is it a phase? is it because she’s adopted?  I think I’ll maybe do a separate post on adoption stuff because even though I don’t talk alot about Angel being adopted on my blog I think there’s alot related to that, that affects our day to day life.

Angel absolutely loves her brother. She calls him sweetie all the time and can be such a little mommy to him. She is constantly tell us that she loves “Mommy, Daddy, Angel and Caleb.”  She also loves Jesus and it absolutely brings us so much joy to hear her pray and sing songs to Jesus. She is learning more and more and we’ve been having fun explaining Easter to her.  Tonight we were talking about heaven and going there when we die and she said, “But how will we know where to go?”  The only thing I could think of was, “Jesus will show us the way there,” which is true I guess. Having her grow and learn certainly challenges me to know what I believe and know how to share it!

Here’s an “interview” that I did with Angel today (if you have 5 minutes to spare).

(Yes, she’s all about the “poopy” lately.)

(I don’t know what she’s talking about with the cookies. We never make cookies.)

(Cooper is her “boyfriend” from preschool. Krissy and Stephie are her cousins.)

(Excuse the mucus build up during Jesus Loves Me.)

Even though I get frustrated and impatient with my kiddos I am SO thankful to be able to be home with them. I think every single day what a blessing I’ve been given and my prayer is that I don’t taken one minute for granted.  Even when she’s sassy, she’s our sweet, precious Angel and we love her more than anything.

Weekend wrap up

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This weekend we took a trip to visit my parents. Pat was able to get Friday off work and so we left Thursday late afternoon with plans to stay for a few days and come home late Saturday night.

Last minute we decided to take our monster dogs along. We have a border collie/lab, Allie, who’s a real sweetheart and very obedient. We also have a lab/husky, Ed, who’s 100 pounds of big fat naughty. He’s also very insecure, talks more than Angel and hops around like Happy Feet the penguin.  Anyway, for some reason I thought we should bring them along this time because they never get to go anywhere and we’ve had a pretty neglectful winter of not walking/running them.   Neither of the kids get too excited about Ed because he knocks them down with his monstrous tail but they both love Allie. Angel calls her “my Allie girl,” and so they were pretty excited to have them come along.

Thursday night we drove into my parent’s town around 8:00 pm.  We stopped to see my sister where she works and had ice cream and then headed to my parent’s house. It was just us Thursday night as my parents, sister, brother and sister-in-law all had to work. But we were planning to go to bed early and get some rest anyway.

Friday morning we had a little brunch party with everyone and Pat made omelets. Awhile back he watched an episode of Good Eats with Alton Brown that showed everything and anything about omelets. Since then he’s been an omelet perfectionist and frankly it’s quite annoying. I mean come on, does it really matter if it’s folded two or three times?  I suppose maybe it does, because his omelets are pretty tasty.

Unfortunately it was pretty cold at my parent’s the entire weekend and that was a huge bummer. We were hoping to ride horse, fish and spend alot of time outside. Instead we (meaning Angel and Caleb) trashed my parent’s house, we watched movies, took naps and ate alot of really unheathly good food.

We didn’t eat all bad though. Friday for supper we made buffalo chicken salad and wraps. Nothing better than that!

Friday night Pat, the kids, my sister and I went to the movie theatre to the movie Gnomeo and Juliet. It’s a little small town theatre and we love going. The movie was pretty good and Caleb actually made it through the entire thing with only one minor meltdown.  Since our calorie count was so low at supper we thought we should make up for it and ate alot of popcorn, soda, Apple O’s and Sour Worms.  It was awesome!

Saturday was kind of a repeat of Friday. No omelets unfortunately, but we did make potato salad, sloppy joes, leftover salad and fruit for lunch. We played and watched movies and napped. Even though it was pretty cold we took a few trips out to say hi to the horses.  At about 5:00 pm we decided we had to get out and do something so we loaded the car seats into my dad’s pickup and went on a little joy ride around town with a stop to see my brother Jim and sister-in-law Leana.   The excitement of the day was on our way back to my parent’s house. My dad was driving (very very slowly) on the wrong side of the road and Caleb was out of his car seat because we were trying to look at some turkeys along the side of the road (Caleb couldn’t see). A cop comes up behind us, Caleb is thrown back into the car seat, dad gets on the right side of the road and life goes on.  We were actually a little annoyed that he didn’t stop us, considering. 

Mom then told Angel the story of when she got pulled over when I was 3 years old or so and I had a complete meltdown and was crying and yelling asking the cop not to take my mommy to jail.  Mom kept going on and on and Angel was just staring at her like she’d lost her mind. We began to make fun of Mom but then Angel says, “That’s the best story ever.”  I guess she was enjoying it!

We had more leftovers for supper and then left town about 7:00 pm for our two-hour trip home.  Pat and I had rented an audio version of the book Decision Points by George W Bush (very good so far!) and so while the kids watched a movie, we listened to our book and the time went so quickly.

It’s always so good to be home. We didn’t hear a peep out of the kids all night long.  Pat had to be at all 3 services Sunday morning to run the screen, I was teaching a class at 9:30 am and we were helping in the nursery at 11:00 am. It was a long morning and Caleb was in complete meltdown mode by the time we walked out of the church.  And of course, us being the great parents we are, decided to go out to eat. At CiCi’s pizza. The unhealthiest, busiest place we could have gone.  As I was waiting in line poor Caleb was looking at me from Daddy’s arms just sobbing, he was so tired and hungry.  We made it through lunch with only a few minor spills and messes, ran a few other errands and got home around 2:00 pm just in time for all of us to crash.

I woke up from my pizza/pasta/dessert coma and decided I’m a horrible unhealthy person and that I needed to run. Even Pat’s warnings of how cold it was outside wasn’t going to stop me. I only ran 1.5 miles and it was very painful but at the same time it felt good.  I don’t think my 1.5 miles did much damage to the 46000 calories I consumed at lunch but I guess it’s a start.

I’m not even going to tell you that we then went and got groceries (really? more food?), were short on time so picked up chinese food for supper, had our youth volunteer team over for a meeting, and had strawberry shortcake for dessert.

And that my friends is our weekend wrap up and proof that I have no self-control what-so-ever.

(But the tide’s a turning. No unhealthy snacking and no soda today!)