Love is in the air

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~I love the fact that this is our very last box of diapers.  Caleb is dry 24/7 now, even through the night. We’re still working on Angel during the night but we are very very close.

~I don’t love that no diapers means my babies are growing up.

~I have a new favorite salad. We had it at a friend’s house the other night: Spinach, feta cheese, craisens, almonds, vinaigrette dressing. Today I had it for lunch and added onions. I love it.

~This is Angel’s new puppy. His name is Pongo.  Angel loves him.  On the way home from the Cities last week she told him that he should never stick a bean up his nose.

~I love that we’ve finally done a little decorating in our house.  I love that my husband and I didn’t kill each other when trying to decide how to decorate, what colors to use, etc.  I love that thanks to Ikea and Wally World we didn’t spend hardly anything. I love that my big black bulky drapes are gone.

~I don’t love that we still own two big, black, hairy, shedding (indoor) dogs.

~This is Caleb. He’s karate chopping me. He loves to karate chop.

~I love that guy in the background.

~I love hearing my babies pray. They both like to pray at meals now. Today was the first day that Caleb said more than, “Thanks. Jesus. Amen.”  Today he also said “Mama and Dada” and a bunch of other stuff I couldn’t understand.

~I love that Princess and Prankster are going to Floria for spring break. I love that they are going to be encouraged in their faith at the conference they are attending. I love that they are also going to share their faith on the beaches to the thousands of college kids that need Jesus.  (Insert shameless plug to help them to actually get to FL. Email me if you’d like to help them out!)

~I love this song:


~We attempted to take some pictures of the kids this weekend. I love those wiggly, whiney, goofy, 23 second attention span toddlers.


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