Angel and Caleb and the wonderful, fabulous, all good, very great day

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Thursday was one of those days.  One of those good days.

The day began with our St Patty’s Day play date.  I’ve decided that we’re going to have one every month because it’s just so much fun for the kids to get together and play but also fun to have some time to visit with friends.  I have to admit, it’s not the best visiting environment because we’re in the same room as the kids, but it works out ok.

This time around we played dress up and the girls had a blast.  I suppose I should be honest and say Caleb enjoyed dress up time too. Unfortunately all we have is dresses but he looks pretty handsome in a tutu! 

The angel food cake cupcakes were a hit! Here’s Caleb with his green lips and teeth.

After the party we had a light lunch because we had snacked quite a bit on angel food cake, carrots and celery during the party.  Angel was actually pretty crabby the entire day and I had to fight her like crazy to take a nap after lunch. But she needed one so badly.  Caleb fell asleep pretty quickly and Angel and I layed down in my bed. Before I know it, Caleb comes in and it’s 3:00!  I guess we all enjoyed a good nap.

I had promised the kids we’d go on an adventure after naps so we headed to the Goose Park. It’s a little park/refuge area for ducks and geese and has walking trails. Since it’s still pretty cold around here there were only a handful of geese.  And one of them was especially a handful.

We get out of the van and just step up off the parking lot when this big humongous sized goose comes walking running over honking at us like crazy.  At first I thought he was just a little hungry and was excited for a snack (everybody feeds the geese and ducks) but he got really close to me and kept honking away like I was not welcome. The kids were freaked out and hiding behind me (ok maybe because mommy was freaked out) and I was kicking my foot at this dumb old goose trying to make him go away. Which he wouldn’t.

So of course we do what any normal person would do and we quickly hop back into the van. I hadn’t even closed the van door yet before the crazed, evil, killer goose came a honking at us.  As I think back now I can about imagine how traumatized my poor kids were. Not by that goose, but by their mother.

Anyway, after a few minutes we ventured out of the van again and that goose must have realized who he was dealing with because he and his girlfriend were high tailing it across the road.

With the mean goose gone we spend a little time feeding the others. One quick shot with the kids before we got out of dodge!

Our adventure to the goose park wasn’t a complete loss. Caleb learned a new 2-word phrase: mean goose.  The first thing he said when Daddy walked in the door that night was “mean” and I had to assure Daddy he wasn’t talking about me!  Pat vowed to return to the goose park and give that mean old goose a lesson in hospitality.

(Some day I’ll share the story of the psycho rooster attack from my childhood. I don’t do well with poultry.)

Since our adventure at the goose park was cut short we had time when we got home to do some chalking. Our first chalking of the year! Ya!

Later that night we went on a walk around our neighborhood and even though it was a little chilly it was so much fun. Usually when I’m working Pat and the kids go on walks and they absolutely love it.  Even though we’ve had real nice weather, I can’t wait for it to get a little warmer so we can spend most of our day outside.

And as I thought back on the events of the day, I realized that it wasn’t a wonderful, fabulous, all good, very great day because anything extraordinary or amazing happened.  We had the same amount of frustrations and whiny toddlers as we usually do.  I think our day was wonderful, fabulous, all good and very great because for the first time in a long time I had a good attitude. I didn’t let some of the annoying or frustrating stuff get me down and God granted me much patience on this day!  It’s only taken me forever, but I think I’m finally learning that all the annoying and frustrating stuff is just life and it’s good and I don’t need to turn it into bad and get all worried about it.

It’s a lesson I have to learn every day and  I look forward to all the adventures we’ll have learning!


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