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Our Angel girl is 3 1/2 and she is nothing but sassy lately.  Well actually, she’s alot of other things too but she’s been especially sassy so we’ll go with that.

(Angel being sassy with my brother Jim and sister-in-law Leana.)

Tonight as usual she was the last one at the supper table. She is the slowest eater in the history of the world but tonight she was there because she wouldn’t drink her milk. I was being especially stubborn about it and told her she couldn’t leave the table until she finished all of her milk.  After a few minutes of arguing with me she said, “Mom. You are so mean!”

I had to burst out laughing because if I wasn’t looking at her I’d think it was a 13 year old talking to me.  And then I told her in my own sassiness that she has no idea what mean is.  And then she laughed.

She’s been all about challenging us lately, or more so just completely ignoring us and getting into all sorts of trouble. It’s almost like she’s reverted back to being a curious 1 year old or something. She’s always wanting to touch or look or get into everything. And I know that’s good and normal and all but she was never ever like that as a baby and so it’s weird to see her in this stage.  And plus her not listening to us and not obeying is really frustrating because that’s really unlike her too.  I know I need to just chill out and pick my battles  but that’s usually easier said than done.

Some things she’s loving lately: reading, washing her hands 400 times a day, playing dress up, playing with her babies, going on walks, playing with Caleb, singing (“real” songs and her own made up ones), painting, and helping mom do anything.

Angel is growing so tall. That’s another reason we cannot wait for nice weather because most of her pants are too short but I refuse to buy a bunch more pants when we’re so close to wearing dresses, skirts and shorts. She’s in 3t-4t pants and 4t-5t shirts. She has a very long torso and so I always have to buy her shirts bigger.   She is doing really great on potty training but we’re still working on it during the night. I know I could just have her wear underwear and deal with messes for a few nights and she’d probably teach herself. But I just don’t want to deal with the messes. So we finally used up the last of our diapers and are officially in pull-ups. Which she thinks is pretty cool and I’m still not sure if I completely convinced her that the goal is underwear and that pull-ups are temporary.

We’re beginning to believe that Angel’s got some superhuman sense of smell. For the past month of so she’s all about smelling things.  Anywhere we go she’ll say, “Do you smell that?” It started with my sister a few weeks ago. I think they had went to use the restroom or something and Angel said, “Do you smell that? I smell purple.”  And usually it’s stuff that doesn’t really have a real strong smell.   One night Pat had eaten a chocolate chip cookie right before bedtime. As he tucked the kids in she said, “Dad, are you eating something?”  He said no. She said, “I smell chocolate chip cookies.”  There are many more examples, which of course I can’t think of right now.

Her hair still isn’t growing very fast but today I was able to get it into piggy tails (pony tails?). It was pretty cute. I put my hair in piggy tails too and even though that wasn’t so cute we took a picture of our hair do.

There’s alot of stuff with Angel’s personality that I think are related to her being adopted. I think. Maybe not. That’s the hardest part in that you’re always second guessing and worried… is it “normal”? is it a phase? is it because she’s adopted?  I think I’ll maybe do a separate post on adoption stuff because even though I don’t talk alot about Angel being adopted on my blog I think there’s alot related to that, that affects our day to day life.

Angel absolutely loves her brother. She calls him sweetie all the time and can be such a little mommy to him. She is constantly tell us that she loves “Mommy, Daddy, Angel and Caleb.”  She also loves Jesus and it absolutely brings us so much joy to hear her pray and sing songs to Jesus. She is learning more and more and we’ve been having fun explaining Easter to her.  Tonight we were talking about heaven and going there when we die and she said, “But how will we know where to go?”  The only thing I could think of was, “Jesus will show us the way there,” which is true I guess. Having her grow and learn certainly challenges me to know what I believe and know how to share it!

Here’s an “interview” that I did with Angel today (if you have 5 minutes to spare).

(Yes, she’s all about the “poopy” lately.)

(I don’t know what she’s talking about with the cookies. We never make cookies.)

(Cooper is her “boyfriend” from preschool. Krissy and Stephie are her cousins.)

(Excuse the mucus build up during Jesus Loves Me.)

Even though I get frustrated and impatient with my kiddos I am SO thankful to be able to be home with them. I think every single day what a blessing I’ve been given and my prayer is that I don’t taken one minute for granted.  Even when she’s sassy, she’s our sweet, precious Angel and we love her more than anything.

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    Jenny said:
    March 29, 2011 at 9:36 pm

    I so need to be in bed, but just wanted to say hi. Looking forward to the adoption related post. And I want to know what purple smells like. Maybe like the color 9? (get it?)

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