She’s funny too

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(Talking about a recent doctor appointment.)

Angel: Mama did you get an owie?

Me: I had to get a shot so I got a little owie.

Angel: Was it a big owie?

Me: No, just a little owie.

Angel: Did you cry?

Me: No.

Angel: Did you laugh?

Me: No. (laughing)

Angel: Mom. You’re laughing.


One of the joys (horrors?) of motherhood is never getting to go to the bathroom by yourself. One day I was going to the bathroom and Angel and Caleb were in the bathroom with me.  Angel looked at me and said, “Mom, you’ve got a big butt.”


Tonight as we left church both kids were screaming.  Caleb wanted a drink and Angel was mad about something.  I said outloud to whoever was listening, “I’m off duty!”

Both kids instantly stopped crying.  I looked at Pat and we busted out laughing because lately that’s how it’s been. Perfect angels for daddy and not so perfect angels for mommy.  Daddy then declared that if they wanted anything they had to ask Daddy.

Angel: Mommy?

Daddy: Angel, ask Daddy.

Angel: Mommy?

Daddy. Angel! Ask Daddy.

Angel: Mommy?

Daddy: Angel.  What do you what?

Angel: Nothing.


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