The master little rascal

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Caleb is 2 years and 3 months old.  He’s our little cute monster man. It’s so fun to see his personality grow and change as he slowly turns into a little boy.  If I’m completely truthful, it’s also exhausting.

He seems to be as weird as he is cute.  I hope he doesn’t look back on this when he’s 16 and get mad at me for calling him weird. But it’s true. That boy is just plain weird.  He’s still very much a mama’s boy but more and more only when he’s hurt or upset. He still loves to cuddle and he is the best cuddler. He gets himself into a little ball and snuggles up into your neck and oh my word it’s heaven.  But then the next minute he punches you in the face or tries to body slam you.  See? Weird.

Caleb loves dinosaurs and lions and big trucks and airplanes. I’ve mentioned before his favorite tv show is Dino Dan. What’s funny is that he thinks the dinosaur’s name is Dan. He doesn’t get that it’s the kid whose name is Dan. He has a dinosaur t-shirt and my sister asked him what that was. He said, “Dan.”  He’s not so much in love with Diego anymore because it’s all about the dinosaur’s lately. (Or so I thought but as you’ll see in the video he’s still in love with Diego.)

He loves to help daddy in the garage or in the house fix things. He’ll pretend to fix things all the time. He’ll say, “Mama, broke,” and then show me that he’s fixing it.  It’s so awesome to see him and Pat play or work together. Pat lost his dad when he was little and so I pray daily that Caleb will be blessed to have his daddy around for many more years.

Caleb is all about the fight. He still does his little karate chop thing and his sumo wrestling stance thing.  Weird.  He loves to wrestle and he will seriously punch daddy in the face and pull hair and he thinks it’s all in the name of fun.  I’ve stopped letting him pounce on me because he’s caused some major pain.  Poor Angel is traumatized by him. As soon as she sees him coming for her (just to play) she’ll go screaming, running away from him. I try to explain to her that her running away screaming only makes him chase her more but she doesn’t understand.

As far as eating goes, he’s weird about that too. One day he’ll eat enough food for 3 grown men. The next day he won’t eat a thing.  He’s obsessed with french fries, hot dogs and mac-n-cheese but I think he just thinks it’s funny to say “FRENCH FRIES” and “HOT DOG” and “CHEESE” every time we ask what they are hungry for.  I think he still has an egg allergy but his skin has been so much better we’ve wondered if he’s outgrown it. But a couple times he’s had a little breakout in the past month or so.  I don’t know that he has a favorite food. He definitely loves ice cream. He likes fruit, noodles and he’s got quite a sweet tooth. He eats most everything we make and I know could be alot pickier so we’re thankful for that.

He speech grows daily. It’s so fun to hear him say more and more words. A few funny things lately is that he says, “Otay,” just like on the Little Rascals.  And he draws it out, “Ohhh TAY!”  I think he knows he’s funny so he says it all the time.  Unfortunately he can’t pronounce “frog” or “fork” very well. If you know what I mean. (Yikes.)  He’s saying more and more two and three word sentences but he struggles alot with saying the first letter of words so we’ll see if he’ll need to do any speech therapy. I have no idea what’s “normal” and so we’ll just keep working with him.

I mentioned in an earlier post that he’s also started praying at supper time. Lately he’s been our official prayer. I need to try to get it recorded because it is the cutest thing ever. You know you’re having a good day when Caleb prays for you twice during his prayer (or maybe you’re having a bad day?)!

As cute as our little Bubba is he is such a challenge too. He’s about as sassy as his big sister is only he can be alot meaner. When he gets upset he kicks and screams and kicks some more. When he’s in time out he’ll slam his head against the wall.  He also is not doing well with sharing and when he wants something he will fight Angel or me or whoever until either he gets it or he gets sent to time out. It’s really fun right now (not) because he completely ignores us (me) too, just like Angel does.  Yesterday I finally made this ladder thing I read about somewhere. When they don’t listen or disobey you move their picture down the ladder. When they make good choices or are good helpers they get moved up the ladder. At the top of the ladder is a “surprise”  and at the bottom is a sad face.  Thankfully Angel is traumatized to think about getting to the sad face. Unfortunately Caleb could care less so we’re back to the drawing board for him.

He’s still wearing 2t but just barely. Alot of his pants hang on him like a gangster. He’s in 2t shirts and size 8 shoes. He has the fattest little feet and so even though there’s alot of room at the toes we have to go that big for them to fit and even then it’s a challenge to get them on.

Speaking of clothes, here’s our bubba boy in his favorite outfit (except usually he fights me about wearing a shirt too):

And an interview (if you can call it that):


One thought on “The master little rascal

    sincerelyanna said:
    March 31, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    Oh boy, he is ALL boy! That picture in his underwear with the cowboy boots is awesome! Such a cute little guy. I can relate to so many things you said and remember back to Max’s toddler days…some boys are nothing but a workout! Enjoy those extra calories he’s allowing you to take in right now! lol

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