Every once in awhile you need to get smacked up side the head

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Hypothetically speaking of  course.

Awhile back I was smacked upside the head as it concerns the time I was devoting to the computer.  This revelation came about through our Sunday morning couple’s Bible study that Pat and I have been facilitating.

Our group has been a huge blessing and God has really blessed our marriage through it.  But we’ve also gotten into some pretty tough topics. A few weeks ago was one of those times as we talked about emotional adultery.

We shared our story and had some great conversation about what emotional adultery is, the warning signs, boundaries that need to be set and how you can protect your marriage from this.  Our conversation turned to not only emotional adultery with someone else, but how we can become emotionally connected to things or activities.

As we talked through this topic it was like someone literally smacked me upside the head and I realized that I was devoting too much time to facebook and blogging. I was giving up such precious time with my husband and kids. If I was honest with myself I was emotionally connected to being online. I shared my heart and soul with my blog and facebook community. Often times sharing things that I didn’t share with my husband.

If you’ve read our story you know that me and Pat’s relationship started out as a friendly working relationship.  I was completely blinded to the slippery slope I was walking (falling) down. That’s why talking opening about emotional adultery with your spouse is so important. And it’s also important to have boundaries. Praise God for His miraculous healing in our lives but it wasn’t without some very extreme pain and suffering that will forever leave scars on our hearts.

Are you struggling with emotional adultery? Are you connected to someone or something, more than you are your spouse?

Do you have boundaries?  Boundaries such as when and how you spend time with the opposite sex.  Or the amount of time you devote to activities or things apart from your marriage.  Some people think my boundaries are wacko but I don’t care. I’m not going to jeopardize my marriage just so I can be friends with someone or just so I can be free to do things my way.  My way is not God’s way.  You will never be exempt from temptation but boundaries will provide you a way of knowing which path to take when you’re faced with a tough decision.

Are you and your spouse talking opening about emotional adultery? Are you praying for God to grow your marriage and make you fall crazy in love with each other? Are you praying for protection for you and your spouse?

Pat and I are so passionate about encouraging other couples in their marriage and in their walk with the Lord. We are excited to be helping plan a couple’s retreat for our church coming up this fall and we’ll be sharing our story and experience with couples that are there.

Can we pray for you and your spouse? Are you struggling in this area of emotional adultery? Or maybe you just want someone else to be praying for your marriage and protection.  Leave a comment or send us an email and we would be honored to lift you in prayer.

God is faithful. He is healer. He can bring beauty from ashes.  Our prayer is that He would use this blog and our story to smack you upside the head.  In love, of course.


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