Mom’s time out

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Sometimes moms need a time out. Or at least this mom does. One or my time out places is the Butterfly House. A few months ago on a bitterly cold day during our 9 month long winter, I bought a year membership to the Butterfly House. And it’s been such a blessing to us ever since!

This weekend we went there with daddy (It’s snowing? Really?) and it was the perfect way to spend a cold rainy/snowy afternoon!

A new part of our butterfly house is a big fish display.

There’s a butterfly back there somewhere…

Caleb isn’t really a fan of the Butterfly House. He gets all freaked out when the butterflies come flying around him. This was his, “Mama please take me home,” look.

Angel on the other hand loves it. Totally in her element.

Daddy found a friend…

It got a little friendly and crawled all the way up to his ear.

Taking a break. Contrary to how the picture looks, Caleb and I have not taken up chewing.

We love making memories at the Butterfly House! Stay tuned, as tomorrow I’ll share how our own caterpillars are doing.


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