Surviving the toddler shakes

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I’m happy to report that our caterpillars are doing well. Despite being jiggled and shook (shaken?) a few times a day by Angel and Caleb.  When we got home from my parent’s house on Wednesday last week a few had crawled to the top of the container and had started changing. By Friday morning all five of them were transformed into chrysalis. It’s so amazing and exciting to see their transformation!

Friday morning daddy assisted with the transfer from their little container to their butterfly house.

This morning Angel asked what happens after they turn into butterflies. I had to break it to her that if the weather doesn’t get warmer they’ll have to stay in their butterfly house until they die. Let’s pray for warmer weather!

Caleb runs around the house flapping his arms like wings saying, “Utterflies! Utterflies!” And Angel is constantly saying, “Mama, they are moving. I think the butterflies are coming!”

Not quite yet but in a few days we will have butterflies! Maybe even on Easter sunday. How cool would that be!


One thought on “Surviving the toddler shakes

    Jenny said:
    April 18, 2011 at 5:45 pm

    You know, I think that yours and ours are from the same batch. Ours got all nice and cozy in their cocoons the same time yours did. I’m thinking Easter Sunday too!

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