Day: May 1, 2011

A beautiful wedding

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This weekend my mom, the kiddos and I drove four hours north to attend my cousin Amber’s wedding. 

The kids did amazingly well in the car, we only had to stop one time on the way there and I think we stopped twice on the way home. We struggled to find a hotel room but finally did and it wasn’t a complete dive, although the 2:00 am wake up call by the partiers in the room above us wasn’t the funnest time we’ve had. Angel woke up crying saying, “Mom the noise hurts my ears.”

Anyway, back to the real party.

I didn’t get any pictures of the actual ceremony but it was absolutely beautiful. Two of my favorite parts were two songs that were sung…Body of Christ and Let Me Be a Servant. Two beautiful songs that remind me of my Grandma Harriet who was celebrating the day with us in heaven.

2nd cousins… Mia (my cousin Jessi’s daughter), Janai (my cousin Sarah’s daughter) and Angel

2nd cousins… Caleb, Dominic (my cousin Ben’s son) and Noah (my cousin Sarah’s son)

Janai and Angel. They were attached at the hip the entire night. Or I should say Angel latched on to Janai for the entire night.

I didn’t get pictures of everyone but there were so many 2nd cousins running around, it was so much fun (and just a little chaotic). We are all very excited for our family reunion coming up this summer when even more of the cousins will be there.

After the wedding we drove to the reception and dance. We enjoyed a fabulous meal, great fellowship and even greater cupcakes. Yum.

(I have to apologize for the quality of these pictures. I only had my video camera which does not have a flash and it was also acting weird and not focusing well. I’ve tried to lighten them up and hopefully you can see them ok.)

Angel had been waiting for the dance the entire day. She kept wanting to know when we were going to get to start dancing. She wanted to “shake her booty,” as Ramona would say (ya know from the movie Ramona and Beezus). And as my daughter now says. (oh dear)

And shake her booty she did. We all had so much fun. Like I said Angel stayed latched on to Janai most of the night. Caleb tortured my cousin Nathan and some other boy. They were so good to let him continue to try to tackle them.

It was such a blessing to spend time with our extended family (my mom’s side of the family).  When we left to go back to the hotel my mom and Angel had this conversation:

Mom: Wow Angel, you sure were a good dancer tonight.

Angel: Ya. And it was a beautiful wedding.

Well said Angel.

The bride and groom’s first dance. Notice Angel and Caleb. They could not wait to get out on the dance floor.

And yet when it was time, they stood there watching.

Janai and Angel.

Doing some twirling. Notice my cousin Jenna on the left side of the picture. I think she danced with all the little kids for about 6 songs in a row. 

My weirdo son having the time of his life.

Sorry, hard to see but this is Amber dancing with Angel. She danced with all the little kids during this song. It was so cute.

My aunt Vivian and cousin Patrick. (He’s single ladies. Hee hee.)

My cousin Sarah with her honey Steve and their daughter Jude.

Since my honey decided to stay home I had to convince my little honey to dance with me.

Sorry another real dark one… the parents of the bride. My aunt Joanne and uncle Casey.

I think this is the hokey pokey. Oh ya, see Angel’s elbow!

My cousins Jessi, Ben and Patrick.

Caleb found a purse and beer. Sorry Bubba, you don’t get either one.

My cousin Nathan with Caleb. Not only is he great with all the little kids but he has a broken arm! (Thankfully not because of my son.)

My aunt Beth and uncle Jack.

 Angel and Nathan.

The bride and groom.

 And last but not least…